Random issues with diamond matching

I wanted to post a notice about the issue (?) several times already, but every time I blamed beer, wine, or tiredness instead. This happens (?) every now and then, like once per 20 games, when I try to match 5 gems into a diamond. I’m SURE I’m making the right move, but one of the 5 gems to match changes color out of the blue and there goes only triplet. The game is quite fast and there’s no undo button :wink: so every time I just raise an eyebrow: “did I see what I saw?”. (Hence the question marks above). But since it happened several dozen times, and not EVERY time I was tired or slightly :stuck_out_tongue: inebriated, I’m almost 100% sure there’s something wrong. I can’t pinpoint when I noticed it the first time, but it was like… Hm, around the time when there was a bug fix for the “double board” problem. Before that - never, ever, and I’m playing this game for almost 2,5 years.

Did anyone experience that?

I know with my phone, sometimes it has a mind of its own and will make moves for me… I know its probably time for a new phone.

I can’t say I’ve experienced what you’ve described. A video in hindsight always makes sense, to illustrate the issue you’re experiencing.


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