Random Emblem Reset Bug

I recently emblemed my Jabber from 18 to 19 and the next morning he was back at 18.

After contacting support I was told, that it‘s not possible and everything works as supposed.

Now the same thing happened to Bera (also monk!) as you can see on the timestamp on these two pictures…

The blems are back again; don‘t know about food an d iron tho…


Is there a chance that your phone lost internet connection (right picture)? Once happened to me. I was collecting some items, levelling troops and then wifi icon appeared and after a few seconds I got pop-up “disconnected”. I logged in to the game again and my items weren’t collected and troops not levelled.

It could be that you shut off the game before the emblems registered on the server?

I have this happening with collecting the ressources from watchtower not registering properly when i shut off the game immediately afterwards. The game does not register the collect. I then lose tons of ress when being raided while offline.

My workaround: wait a few seconds, open alliance memberlist (it has always a slight loading delay for me then) and then shut off the game.
Maybe this works for you too?

This looked like a bug! ; Could you check your recent activity ? To see if it wílll show what happened at that interval.

I do remember someone mentioning this a while back. Not sure when or where (can’t find the thread) but it has happened previously; worth staff looking into it.

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Was it me in alliance chat? :smile:

How do I get staff to notice it?

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Well yeah, there too haha :stuck_out_tongue: but somewhere on the forum too I’m sure.

I requested that this be elevated to QA team which I’ve been told has been done.

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