Random defense team

Let’s say 3 defense team slots are provided for raids, wars and tournaments. You can set 3 defense teams with ‘different color’ tanks. One of your defense teams is randomly selected at each time the enemy picks you in raids or tournaments, or at the beginning of wars.

This way, even if one tank hero is way too dominant, you can only see her/him 33% of the times.
I think it’s also a good way to solve the Telly problem without nerfing her.

Good idea for fully loaded rosters, but what should all the players do, who only have one viable set of heroes for defense?

Maybe for an upcoming raid arena above 2.8K cups.

Randomly given elements for the tank every week would decrease it to under 20% and would also be possible for weaker benches.

I appreciate all suggestions that will provide diversity.

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the solution to telly isnt to change the game it’s to change telly.

the fact that you want to change the game just shows how overly used telly has become.

seriously for so many people to use telly to the point that everybody is sick of it and wants to change the game, could there be any greater sign that the nerf is warranted?

Even with fully loaded rosters, you cannot have 3 perfect defense teams due to emblems. Even if you have a perfect defense team such as GM(flank)-Telly(tank)-Vella(flank) with full emblems, you might have to use GM or Vella as a tank in 2nd and 3rd defense teams. Or you can use other heroes with a few or no emblems as a 2nd or 3rd tank.

By the way, isn’t it so boring to deal with the same color tanks in every single war?

Yes, it already was before Telly.

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