Random coincidences

This game is all about random coincedences. Wanted missions, titan battles, alliance wars, challenge events… all get you random loot. If you need a specific item and you just don’t get it, it’s all a coincedence. Right?

But what if a bunch of friends form an alliance and everybody keeps getting the items and materials another member needs? And what if it goes like this: A only gets items needed by B, B only gets items needed by C and C only gets items needed by D. What if it goes on like this for 6 months? How random can you call all this? I thought winning random loot would end up in a variety.

As a specific example I’ll give you this:
To ascend Little John (green 4*) I need 442K food, 1 compass, 1 pair of fine gloves, 4 sturdy shields and 3 scabbards. For over 4 months I’m hoping to get 2 more sturdy shields, but somehow I’m not getting them. But on the other hand, in that same time, one of my friends has got already 13 of them and he doesn’t need them. Just like I get things I don’t need and he… you get the point? If it’s always ending up the same, what’s random or coincidental about that?

And yes I read about the sprint & marathon comparisons, but in my humble opinion, waiting for over 4 months isn’t a sprint anymore.

Shrikewood was up in both March and May, containing the two shields you needed. There was a shield in level 10 of Springvale. Avalon in May and Wonderland, which just happened a bit over a week ago, each had shields as tier completion rewards.

So in those 4 months, there were 5 guaranteed shields available in-game.

As far as what affects loot drops the lead designer of E&P has explicitly said that there is no dependence on anything like roster:


I feel that if you farm everything that the game offers, like titans, rare quests, wars, challenge/seasonal event completions, chests, tournament etc, with time the loot does even out a little. I am not saying that there won’t be any outliers in thw random distribution, but I feel that given enough time it does tend to even out, provided you do everything the game offers.

As an example, I have been playing for almost 8 months. Initially I used to think that “oh I am getting more of this and not enough of that”, but with time I saw that it’s not as bad as I thought. Look at the items I have tracked over time, they pretty much in the same range in their star classes. So have patience, and hope this helps. Also, if it helps I am an f2p, so none of these were bought. :slight_smile:


That’s an excellent breakdown of the mat spread.

I myself have been playing 10 months and the mat I was always waiting on was gloves

But recently now I’ve got to the 30 hero’s maxed 4* or higher, I’ve had a sudden influx of gloves, now have 9 sitting there waiting for hero’s

It always feels short term that there is some kind of biased, but if you look at things over a 8months to a yr time scale your be amazed how even mat drops are

Best advice is to start collecting the data yourself, it really is surprising


Thanks for the replies. I see some of you really make your homework with sheets and stuff. I’m not gonna take it that far. There’s more to life than this game. And I already spend enough time on it. Still your replies are very appreciated. If you experience that in the longer run everything turns out right… who am I to not believe you and keep on going? :slight_smile:

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