Random boards .. nag nag nag ;-)


Hi dears,

naaww, I am not questioning whether the boards are random … merely letting off steam … :wink:

Just yesterday, I had ab-so-lu-te-ly crappy boards for the titan. And when I say crappy, then I mean crappy … ugh … worst titan damage for ages! That stupid titan hated my guts :frowning:

Well, I grumbled about that, and then went off to farm 5.8 for some backpacks.

Lo and behold … one diamond after the other … and the board lit up like the sky on July 4th.

All those fireworks to impress the RATTLING Rüpel ( that boss rat that most players can bowl over with their little finger)

  • mutters very unladylike curses * :wink:

Have you guys and gals experienced the same?


This is a RATTLING Rüpel, in case anyone is wondering … a hooligan rat :slight_smile: I play the game in German …

yeah, silly farming team for 5.8 …
I just stepped over from 20.4 on autoplay …


These low levels are the only fight time my 4* & 5* that have not been leveled up get. They look like a bunch of misfits…Haha…


I’m curious of the answers. I had that feeling myself that those low level camps are producing ridiculously high jewel potential but I said “feeling” sooo…

On a titan you never have the chance to prepare your board and mostly (at least I do on my current stage of not using to many items) aim for the weak spot instead of setting your board up corretly - being afraid of loosing a hero by two hits.

So my assumption is that your brain is getting fooled because you go into those 8.7 / 5.8 stages with a “I can just autoplay” or “lets see how many jewels I can get at once” mood that you think the board is tremendously better in the story maps.

As I said before I’m curious of the answers. :face_with_monocle:


@N.o.X, that’s pretty much how I feel, too. When I face strong monsters or titan or difficult raids I must hit the enemy (particular spots for the titan or particular enemies) because otherwise they’d kill my guys. When I’m not worried about the enemies I look more at the board and make much better combos.


That may well be, dears.

So, how about a RATTLING Rüpel titan?
Then, we could have the best of both worlds … :wink:


Sure, try a 5* titan.



:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now, that might be a possibility …



Tee hee, sometimes I take mine out to play, too :slight_smile:

Currently, little girl Zeline is having a ball farming 8.7 :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention that I agree with your OP, I get the same thing. But titan boards aren’t as bad for me as raid boards. The worst of the absolute worst sometimes. There are two things that get under my skin, 1. the titan getting the last hit right before it ends and there I am with one or more heroes about to execute their special skills and 2. the raid boards when there is only one gem I can move. Really ? The whole freaking board full of gems and there’s only one I can move ? And, of course, it’s usually not a very favorable…AAARGH !!!


@AnjaValkyrie The feeling about titan-boards versus story-boards very often is the same for me. But the thougts of @N.o.X sound good to me.

A little bit of ranting - Dampf ablassen - feels very nice. And my yesterdays experience was not unlike yours. 9k (in numbers 9000 on a 4*titan) I feel ashamed. :slightly_frowning_face:
Nothing really worked well and the 4 or 5 in a row mostly on the left oder right hand side not touching the titan a tiny little bit (of course always when Wu Kong is on).

I fall back on remembering the times of the occasional 30k (in numbers 30.000!!!) :yum:


oooohhh yesss … speaking of annoying stuff … I absolutely detest that, too!

  • mumbles very unladylike curses under my breath*


are there ladylike curses?:wink:



Drat! Fiddle-Faddle! …and the like :grin:


Well, shoot, dear, that wasn’t a very nice titan, bless his heart :wink:

(Attempt at ladylike curses :wink: Actually, I can curse like a truck driver in German, English and a little in Russian … but ladylike curses do take some thinking :wink: )

And I feel your pain about the 9k. I limped out of a titan with 10k the other day. Nothing ladylike about my thoughts at that time, let me tell ya … :wink: Only to have the board light up like fireworks at 5.8. Grrr… .


Thank you for enlightening me. As non native speaker there is so much learn (about cursing) :thinking:


ROFL!!! Neat! Didn’t even think of that…


Oh well, just contact me after I just failed miserably on a titan ( the German word for that is “abkacken” :slight_smile: ), and I could most certainly enlarge your vocabulary :wink:


I could offer some dutch and austrian (which of couse is german on one hand, but … on the other hand something totally diffrent and has to be spoken and not written) :yum:


The official language of the Forum is English (and cursing is not allowed); you’ll have to leave it to our imagination. :wink: