Random Atlantis summons.......not

Summons are supposed to be random. Aren’t they? Well I beg to differ. I did a 10 epic summons in the recent Atlantis draw and 4 single draws. I got 4 of the same 3 star hero, 3 of another 3 star hero and assorted junk. If it were truly random the odds of pulling the same lousy hero would be astronomical. Yet I got 7 of the same heros. If you call it random them fix it so it is random. If it is only pay for play call it that.


But you didn’t get 7 of the same…
You got four of one and three of another.

Long odds yes, but probably statistically more likely than pulling an event 5*


Statistically Impossible


Matt why would the odds of getting a 5 s hero be any different from any other hero? It is supposed to be random

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Where did you get the idea that odds are the same for summoning all heroes? The odds are displayed on the summon screen. You are much more likely to get a 3* than a 5*.

Now if there’s some text somewhere in game that states this like you seem to be implying, then you have a valid complaint.

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The odds of getting a 3* are very high. The odds of getting an Atlantis 3* are also high. And there aren’t that many unique Atlantis 3* heroes. It’s not that unlikely, therefore, that you would get dupes of Atlantis 3*.


Not sure where you are seeing any odds posted in the game at all. I do know when the game received emails that I posted the question to them and was told that all summons were random. Look up random in the dictionary. I have been playing this game since 2/2017. If everything is random why have I never gotten a 5s hero from a normal summons. I dont believe anyone has ever drawn a 5s from normal summons. Check the screen…it says random hero.

On each Sumons portal tap the “I” icon in the upper left to see the odds.

Random does not mean equal chance of aall outcomes.
Here are a few screenshots.

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Not sure but now I can’t log into the game. Random?

I thought it was odd I did a 10x sommons and got 9 4* and 1 3* and on top of that, only one was a Atlantis hero.

That sounds like a good draw actually

I have three five star heroes. I won one in the elemental summoning and the other two were the hero of the month. I won the same month. None came from the summoning of Atlantis. Only in the summoning of Atlantis did I do 10x summoning

Wow, so many different experiences, some good, some disappointing.

All sounds quite… random :thinking:


Rare heroes : 21.8%
Epic heroes : 11.9%
Legendary heroes : 1.2%

Rare heroes : 49.2%
Epic heroes : 14.6%
Legendary heroes : 1.3%


And each pull you have 1.3% to obtain a heroes bonus called “Heroes of the month”

No no no!

It’s either amazing or it’s rigged! You’ve been on the forums long enough to know random doesn’t exist and it’s all rigged and a big scam!!!


I agree that Atlantis summons are not completely random, why? Because I did 3x30 pulls plus 1x10 pull
IN my first 2x30 pools that i did in matter of seconds one after another i got the same set of 4* (I care only about the 4* and 5*) 5x Danzaburos and another 4x Gadeirus 2x Agwe. Couple of hours later i did the x30 and x10 pulls and I got 3x Proteus and 3x Ameonna and one Gobler.

My point is what are the odds that I receive so many 4* and they are all the same? So my opinion is that there is time stamp where you receive the same heroes and this dosn`t sound fully random SG.

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We can’t say that for sure. Most likely they don’t do any caching for hero generation. Why? It makes no sense. Nobody benefits from it. But we don’t know the real algorithm of a summon. How many random numbers do they use: one? two? three?

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I don`t agree, SG are benefiting from it. As I was aiming for Wilbur (along with Tarlak) and I did not get him from my first 2x30 summons i purchased additional diamonds for my second set of 1x30 and 1x10 pulls. At the end i end up with Zero Wilber, Triton or Simitomo but I got bunch of repeating 4*

90 summons? Wow. I hope you at least got the hotm alby and whoever else was the specials. Sorry. This is what I mean by random. Say there are 40 heros in the pool. The odds of getting the same hero are astronomical. Keep playing and have fun.

To me it complicates matters and sounds more like a conspiracy theory. If there is real timing issue, everybody would experience it and we would see multiple evidences on the forum, because many people do multiple summons in a short period.

More likely is that algorithm of summoning a hero is two steps: first it generates a random number to determine what starts hero is (3, 4 or 5) and then another random number pulls a hero from the list of available. When you need to generate a random number between 1 and 10 (or how many 3* heroes are available for Atliantis summon?) you are likely to get duplicates.

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