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Any seasoned player will tell you to focus on 4* healers and the most useful support 4*.

And they’re absolutely right. They have incredible staying power, hold their own against 5* heroes and are unlikely to ever be left unused.

Meanwhile, most 4* damage dealers can’t even dream of being as impactful as even the worst 5*.

HOWEVER, when comes time for bloody battle, if you completely neglected them, you’ll find yourself in the situation I’m in - or worse.

I only focused on challenge event 4* damage dealers, and on those who have a useful support secondary effect. Typically cleanse or dispel, like Sonya or Caedmon - Almur’s EDD and Marcel’s DD are other obvious ones, but I don’t have them. :unamused:

Which means that my only purple and yellow damage dealers are Tiburtus, Mist, an unemblemed Li Xiu who’d likely get vaporized by a few slash attacks, and an unleveled Griffin.

Blue being excluded from the current tournament, I’m forced to attack with either red or green. Smart players stacked red in their defense, and fighting them with green is not fun.

Don’t be me, give some love to your 4* damage dealers, you’ll thank yourselves later.


I have always said to work on levelling bottom upwards in this game.
Start with 3 x 3* rainbow teams, then 4 x 4* rainbow teams before you work on 5* heroes.
Create a defence team for raids and then six war teams.
Work on healers first, then attack heroes and support heroes as a good even mix.
It then gets complicated with the mix of emblems and now aethers… there is so much diversity in heroes now…
So as a rule of thumb, I have given emblems / aethers to heroes I use most - in war, map, raids, Titan…
However, that leaves me short in 3* and 4* tournaments and sometimes events. As a result I don’t have any 3* heroes with more than 1 emblem…
But then again I can’t do everything at once and this is after all a game of patience


I hear you completely. 4* damage dealers are awful. After levelling some of the S1 4* hitters (+ Ametrine) I completely stopped as even S2, S3, S4s are all rubbish. Haven’t yet checked out the S5 ones - but unless there are unique specials involved I doubt I will be levelling up pure damage dealers.

Having said that… whilst being in a similar position as you I haven’t found it too restrictive in the tournament.

My teams have been one of:

  • Mist (emblemed), Proteus (LB), Tiburkiss (emblemed), Ametrine (emblemed), Ferant (LB)
  • Mist (emblemed), Proteus (LB), Tiburkiss (emblemed), C Mel (LB), C Sabina (LB)

Yes the last one has 2 healers but I use them vs Ferant tank teams, and have had pretty good success there.

I finished with a 21-4 record (last loss was the last match). Mist/Proteus mana control plus 3-stack tile damage have been good enough to overcome most of the defenses


That is as good a team building strategy as any. I started the game late, so I had to take another path.

I’m way behind emblems wise and only have a few maxed out 5*, which means that my roster is mostly made of 4* heroes. And to be competive in wars, I had to give them emblems, or they’d be nearly unusable against the defenses I’m facing (@RandaPanduh would disagree, but I’m not nearly as good as she is :joy:).

Then there’s the fact that I’m a challenge event junkie, so I emblemed my 3* teams, but that’s totally on me. It’s a personal choice nobody forced me to make.


Almost same here. Currently 18-2, hoping to get 2-3 more wins to secure top 1%.

I also used c Melendor in a few Ferant battles when I faced a defense down hero. Otherwise I went with cb Caedmon.

I tend to go 3/2, so I need to level up Ametrine - I only have regular Sabina - and literally any yellow to make that viable with purple/yellow.

I experimented with 4-1 due to the issues mentioned in the OP.

You’re giving me ideas though. I might consider 2-2-1, but old habits die hard.

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I can only speak based on my own playstyle but unless you are trying to demolish the tank with tiles - where you go mono or 4-1 - then hero and skill synergy is almost always superior to stacking to get tile damage. If I end up stacking 3 purples it is because of the skills they have and any tile damage boost is incidental. That is how I construct all of my teams - rather than starting with “I want to build a 3-2 team, how do I find heres to fit that config?” I say “What skills do I want to bring to this battle, what skills will work well with each other?” and whatever stacking I end up is totally secondary


4* damage dealers are awful?

My C.Colen absolutely disagrees with you. I have 2 of them and they are dining out in this tournament. Sure they are slow but as Paladins they are pretty tanky and I’ve been team wiping with them all week.

I use them both in Rush wars as well. With some EDD they are devastating


:point_up: I said most of them can’t even dream of being as impactful as the worst 5*. :joy: C Colen is awesome, I use him all the time. I believe he does more damage than Azlar, even wo/ emblems and LB.


I have a C Colen too, he is on my defense team. Which works as Ferant buys him time and blues are not allowed.
But I stand by the statement that 4* damage dealers are awful in the raid format, as compared to any other type of 4s. I would choose a mana control 4 over a damage dealing 4* any day of the weak, particularly a slow damage dealer where I can’t bring healers to keep him alive.

I do use Gulli in almost every normal raid, but he is a healer-cum-damage dealer and a superior damage dealer at that. Much better than C Colen


I reckon a Grimble + Falcon + 2 C.Colens would be perfectly useable in Raids against Minion teams (of which there are still many for some reason)

Niche for sure but I reckon that would do work. 5th place I’d give to a dispeller for possible Taunt issues

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If you get 9 purple tiles and 6(?) red tiles then sure… but on a poor or average board you will struggle.

Totally my playstyle but I like to use a maximum of 1-2 damage dealers in any team and the rest are healers (most with secondary abilities). Battles take longer, but there is a lot more contingency in such configurations.

Great idea for a thread. I´ll be lurking around here for tips in the future!

I wish me, who started playing 1 1/2 year ago, would have known, what making few heroes very powerful will do in matchmaking in tournaments.

My advice would be to make sure your most used heroes are all on pair and somewhat equal in strength to avoid being overwhelmed on day two of the tournament, without any tools to counter what hits you. :cry:


I am not all that seasoned but I totally agree with leveling the 3 &4* teams. My mistake was that I concentrated a solid 6mths on my defense. Now mind you it will definitely hold its own in raids/war but thats where the glory ends. I have no offense to speak of creating a huge issue…lots(8ish) of really good heroes stuck at 3/70 for lack of ascension material and bottom scores in both wars and raids …so the vicious cycle of hero/am swirls about me.
I look delicious but no yummy filling…:joy:


Yes please. Or make the matchmaking system better. I emblemed my challenge event 3* and had no clue how it worked. The next no blue 3* tourney did not go well. :joy:

People shouldn’t have to face fully emblemed and LBd heroes because literally only 5 of theirs are.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Personally, I don’t care about my defense at all.

If it’s any consolation, my defense is pathetic and I have no offense to speak of, but I’m doing just fine. :joy:


It’s all ducks’ fault. Damn ducks.


After 4 years I have a lot of leveled up 4* heros. Of course healerheavy! :slight_smile:
And I have to say I still have a problem with purple 4* mono.
I used 2 fully emplemed Proteuses 1 limit broken, 1 fully emblemed TiburtusC, 1 Cyprian and 1 fully emblemed limit broken Treevil.
It seems to me there are not that many purple 4* damage dealers!
So yes you are right. Give your 4* damage dealers some TLC if you have them!!! :smiley:


@NicoX @Homaclese
I would do the same if I had a costume for him!!! :rofl:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Lmao. Sure, let’s bring up ducks in all my threads. People must definitely not be getting sick of hearing about ducks constantly.

What they really want is this to become a forum about ducks, and E&P being relegated to a small dedicated section.


For real. I was thinking that when writing the OP. There’s Tiburtus, Ametrine, the guy from the sand event and I can’t remember anyone else.