Random 0s in featured alliance message

I am co-leader of an alliance and mainly responsible for the featured alliance message.

Since yesterday there are random zeros (0) in the featured alliance message - appearing in and after random words, when I want to edit it. It’s super annoying that I have to scroll through the whole message to delete these 0s.

Am I the only one with that problem? Would a bug report help?

Screenshots would definitely be a good starting point. Most people here are visual, sonshow us some screenshots and maybe someone can figure it out for you :grin:

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I just killed the 0s and now while editing it’s normal again …but I had it yesterday and today, so I think they will appear again and then I’ll provide a screenshot :slight_smile:

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Today it’s a random “p”. I have to evaluate, if I’m doing it by myself, that my hand maybe touches the 0 or p while scrolling left, could be an explanation. 0 and p are both in the right side of my keyboard and somehow I have to hold the mobile. But I haven’t recognized such a mistake when posting here or on other pages.

When some other random character from the middle of the keyboard appears, I’ll let you know. Then it’s probably/definitely not my fault.

Editing the featured alliance message is such a pain and far from user friendly :frowning_face:

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I don’t know, but p’s for everyone is the worlds main goal :wink:


Better than 0’s :smiley:

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