Randa's Corner; Video Tales of Playing with Level 70's 🐼

W3K Summons

RNG :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

3* Buff Booster - Final Day

  • Final Loot

Underwild Summons

Can I beat this mean streak?!

Mwahaha, I finally learned how to add a thumbnail to my videos :smirk: Feelin’ like a pro :sunglasses:


Last Night’s Vids ~

Choosing My Tourney Defense

Rush War!

& I’ll be sure to tape tonight, as soon as Soul Exchange hits, with my initial thoughts on the choices. And maybe, if I’m feeling decisive, my choice of the 15 :smirk:

(After, I’ll be pretty busy AR farming for the next two days tho)

Otherwise, if anyone’s ever got any video suggestions, please do share! Down for whatever :upside_down_face:

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Soul Exchange :heart_eyes:

My initial thought / reactions

& Omg, help me choose!! Ahh :sweat_smile:


Soooo, I finally chose :smirk:

Soul Exchange - which hero wins out in the end??!?

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this decision! :kissing_heart:

5* Rush [All Elements] Tournament Hits - Day One

Same ole same ole :roll_eyes:


Forgot about posting here, for a sec :sweat_smile:

Day Two 5* Rush Tournament

A :poop:-Load of Various Summons (including Solstice)

Another 40 Solstice Summons :upside_down_face:


The rest of yesterday’s vids ~

5* Rush Tournament - Day Three

This one took particularly long :upside_down_face:

Rush War! While rushing :crazy_face:

& In the meantime, meet my face, and my dog :joy::sweat_smile:


Here’s an update :crazy_face:

5* Rush - Day Four

Another day. Will my Kalø fail me now??!?

Ranking the Magic Heroes

Flexing my editing skills,yeyeahh :muscle:

Yesterday’s 30 Pull :smirk:

Will I finally pull a new hero? Wait and see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My reaction will be something, tho :sweat_smile:


Congrats!!! Happy for you after seeing how bad your luck has been in the past. Nice to see the game not be cruel all the time


Holy Omega Quest

Final Tournament Hits + Loot

Today’s 30 Pull


Tomorrow = war, 30 more Solstice Pulls + maybe I’ll do my Magic pulls then?! If not, for sure tomorrow. Also, setting my next tournament defense :upside_down_face:


Setting Up My Tourney Defense

Listen to my thought-process, if ya care to

Saturday Minion War!

My new LoLo makes his first appearance in a… slight sorta way :sweat_smile::rofl:

Another Solstice 30 Pull

Eeek, only one more 30-pull worth of chests left :scream: Will I walk away thinking the full 200 pulls was worth it?! Will I fold and do more than 200?! Or will I be smart and save some gems for the upcoming Challenge Festival, that has similar odds (better for something new), with handfuls of coveted heroes :face_with_monocle: Even I don’t know :person_shrugging:

I’ll also be doing my Magic Tower coin pulls later tonight. Should have like… 42(-ish)? I decided not to complete the tower for the first time ever, so there is that :upside_down_face: I also haven’t pulled a new Magic 5* since the very first Magic Portal, on my very first pull (Agrafena) - 303 pulls ago!

I will say, too, that if all of these pulls don’t go well, there’s a very good chance I may take the next week off from playing / extensive video making (plus, this week’s portals are Valhalla and Dunes, which I don’t plan on summoning in less new, exciting stuff gets added - and pretty sure that’s not scheduled til next month - and game-play-wise they require very little participation on my part :crazy_face:). Kinda getting used to this whole casual play-style thing, anyway :upside_down_face:

…And I’ve had this 3000-piece puzzle to do for like… Ever!

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Here’s the last of my summons, including 42 Magic Coin pulls ~

I swear to God, I either am devoid of luck, or have some of the unluckiest luck ever… Lol omg, it’s so annoying frustrating :sweat_smile:

Won’t be pulling in Valhalla, and doubt I’ll be pulling in Dunes less they add one of the two new 5* that just hit beta (only ones that look semi-interesting to me tbh, and I feel as tho those may not come out for another month), so this may be it til Tavern of Legends, and more especially, Challenge Festival! Where I ought to make this right, and finally pull that elusive BK (or Gazelle, whichever… or both :upside_down_face:)

Means this week will be limited besides war and Tournies. If you have ideas, lemme hear em, or else I may just take the week off mostly… we’ll see :crazy_face:


Daily shares, game-play related, as I doubt I’ll be doing many (or any) summoning / summons vids this week. So any ideas, please share em! Or else, I’ll be taking it easy :sunglasses:

5* Bloody - Day One

…I talk a lot :sweat_smile:

Comparing Old POV to New

This idea was brought to me, and I thought it was great, so here ya have it, for those curious my thoughts on the changes! Although, I made this video before the new PoV missions hit today, so unfortunately my take on those is only relegated to the description of said video :sweat_smile: sorry

Anyway, off to bed :kissing_heart: Goodnight my lovelies :heart::blue_heart:

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Been a minute, but this week is light, so haven’t been sweating it ~

5* Bloody - Day Two

5* Bloody - Day Three

Wednesday Minion War!

Lol my most embarrassing war yet! :sweat_smile:

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Back with another two days worth of shares (as again, this week has been light)

5* Bloody Day Four


5* Bloody Day Five - Final Day + loot

Lol I swear a lot more when I’m hungry, apparently :sweat_smile: But I’m also more fun, I think :rofl:

Oh and lastly, my thoughts on Khepri in a short…

Fun Fact ~

Editing in a fun fact that just happened cuz my adrenaline is PUMPING.

I just chased a coyote out of my neighborhood on my 4 AM walk…

(Yeah, I’m a badass :sunglasses:) :joy::rofl:

Lol I just saved feral cat lives thru this act of bravery (seriously, these coyotes leave severed heads all over the freaking place). But honestly, he looked far more terrified of me than I of it, so now, after the fact, I just feel kinda… bad lol Hope he doesn’t get run over by a truck for just being all instinctual and :poop:; this world is a cruel one :roll_eyes:


Okay, I’m back for/with more :yum:

Setting My 3* Rush Defense ~

Listen to my thought process behind choosing this specific setup + my other recommended 3* for said tourney.

Saturday Arrows [Pajamas] War!

What could go wrong?!.. :sweat_smile:

Also just wanna say…

Thank you all for your continued support :kissing_heart::heart:

You all mean more to me than I can truly express, as I truly believe the reason I’ve grown as much as I have is cuz of you all, so thank you, my lovely forum folk :kissing_heart: You really are the best community one could ever ask for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Halfway to 1k subs cuz of y’all :sunglasses: YOU ROCK :metal:

Here’s yesterday and today ~

Did 8 Pulls upon feeling lucky in ToL…

I finally made one of these vids for 3* heroes - who’d I’d eventually emblem/LB down the road

Basically turned into my thoughts on every 3* in this entire game, so I spose if you were ever curious :upside_down_face: (I did miss poor Brienne tho, as she was in my titan team during, but she’s a definite obvi)

Completing Tavern of Legends

Made this disaster of a vid last night - after spending nearly three hours taping the former vid - so I was pretty all over the place for this due to pure exhaustion. Lol my voice can only take so much rambling :rofl::sweat_smile:

3* Rush Day One

I feel like :poop: tonight so this vid could be better, but least it’s just tournament hits :person_shrugging: Do I have the previous video to blame?! :thinking:

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Video dump cuz I’ve been busy teaching myself how to edit, and ranking every HOTM in this game :roll_eyes: So this week has been long one lol

3* Rush Day Two

32 ToL Pulls + 8 CF

The audio was off UGH lol I blame it on the HOTM project

3* Rush Day Three

Wednesday Arrows War

3* Rush Day Four

3* Rush Final Day + Loot

Proud of that ending :relaxed:

Finally, my first chunk of HOTM ranking vids

This was a grueling process, but at least I better understand how one edits videos, so… silver lining? Just took me almost an entire week straight to do so :sweat_smile:

I’ll be releasing chunks of these vids on/off. So if you’re curious, feel free, otherwise, tbh, it was mostly for me to learn anyway lol. As talking bout each HOTM for 5 minutes made this video just far too long :roll_eyes: why there’ll be five-six parts :rofl:


Wow, I’m surprised at how many videos I’ve put out in the past 24-36 hours, omg

Setting my 4* Buff Booster Tournament Defense

Lil late now, but hear my thought process behind my choice + my recommendations for this tourney.

Speedy Ranking of the Challenge Festival Portal (every hero) - no edits

Didn’t have it in me for a whole nother round of edits. Plus, me trying to speed thru this meant I’m talking real fast, so hope y’all can keep up :sweat_smile:

Saturday Equalizer War

Seriously anxiety inducing even rewatching, omg :sweat_smile:

Ranking HOTM pt II - #56 to #45

Had to redo the audio on this one, so this is my second go

134 Total Challenge Festival Summons

(122 in this video)
Below odds, but least it wasn’t all bad?..

29 EHT Kalevala Summons


How I Compete/Increase Scores in Challenge Events

Challenge Festival edition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Immediate Thoughts on all Kalevala Heroes


Finally, not an overwhelming amount of videos :sweat_smile:

4* Buff Day One

:poop: Sorta day.

My Immediate Thoughts on all Kalevala Heroes

Idk, take it how you want

I still have to edit my Challenge Event competing video (prob been putting it off, cuz after that HOTM experience, editing is like… The last thing I wanna do lol) but I promise it’ll eventually happen. Also, if you have any ideas, feel free to share.

Random Randa share:

So idk if it was doing my tournament hits, or while talking bout Kalevala, but I was clenching my right butt cheek tightly throughout taping without ever really realizing it - more than likely out of anxiety and/or due to how I was sitting - and now it feels as if that muscle is permanently stuck in that position, just pinching my muscles/nerves in that one spot. And OMG is it uncomfortable… like a charlie horse you can’t get rid of in your :peach:. I don’t know what that cheek wants from me!! I’ve tried massaging it, and giving it space, and I feel it may never let this go… I’m scared for it’s future. Will my right leg forever tingle as a consequence? Stay tuned for more details, so long as I don’t forget this ever happened by tomorrow :v:


Alright, here’s another video dump ~

How I Compete/Improve Scores in Challenge Events for Top 1k/500/1k

Challenge Festival Edition

4* Buff Booster Day Two

Competing for Top 1% vs Baba Yaga Mythic Titan

This was a tough nut to crack :face_with_monocle:

4* Buff Booster Day Three

Equalizer War

Lol this was a pathetic attempt by me we are all better off forgetting :sweat_smile::rofl:

My Immediate Thoughts on Second Version of S1 Costumes


Ranking HOTM (pt III) #44 to #33

Had another audio glitch (idk why that keeps happening with all the premiers where I can’t watch em beforehand lol argh)

Phew. So today’s light: Tourney hits today and tomorrow. Maybe summon again in Kalevala soon. Skipping this Underwild. So lastly, Saturday War.

Any ideas, as always, are welcome too :relaxed::purple_heart:

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