Randa's Corner; Video Tales of Playing with Level 70's 🐼

I’m attempting to start a YouTube channel - despite having no clue of what I’m doing there :sweat_smile: - solely based on my years of experience playing E&P the way that I do (as in, zero 4* mats, emblems and LB). As this game happens to be one of the few things I am quite confident about, I figured sharing some of that knowledge could be a positive :crazy_face:

Most of y’all may not care tbh lol esp as this is new, and I’m still learning too (so growing pains in my trial and error testing of this lol). Plus, I’m a bit of an odd, anti-social duck, but… hey, if you wanna take part, were/are ever curious about my play-style, wanna learn some things or maybe ya just wanna hear me ramble, here ya go :relaxed:

An intro to my roster, and me :grin:

I’ll also use this thread to send any future video updates to - going forward - as well :relaxed: So stay tuned! We’ll see how far I take it.

Yay, adventure time! :panda_face::v:


So, I was supposed to tape my raid/tournament flags while walking, something I do every night without recording, but that was a huge fail :sweat_smile: So this was the result of that failed attempt (rambling about 4* lol)

I promise I’ll eventually offer more than my high-pitched voice as content lol but for now, it’s all I’ve got :joy::rofl:


congrats to you, and wish you all the best for your youtube channel. :grin:


Ha no congratulations necessary. The only thing I accomplished today was figuring out how to attach audio, and video, to screen-recordings :rofl:

Buuuuut, I’m just in it for the experience at the moment. Appreciate the support, nonetheless :crazy_face:


Nice videos! Could you show us how many of 4* AM you have accumulated? That is crazy that you don’t ascend your legendary heroes! :grin:


everyone, let’s subscribe to this youtube channel. :joy:



Happy Youtubin´ to you! :100: :slight_smile:

What a collection you have :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ps. I would love to see you record during gameplay, like, events, raids, everything, giving tips while you do :heart_eyes:

I´m really amazed at how you obtain such scores in the challenge event.
Do you recommend not emblemming and ascending anything?


Yay one of my favourite original thinkers here.

Looking forward to see how your channel develops.


Thanks for doing this @RandaPanduh ! I think it’s a great idea and can be of use for players of all levels.

My mind still circles back some times to how on earth you got those rankings last CoK with base maxed 4’s and 3:70 5’s. Seeing stuff like that is much more useful than another player with teams of +20 LB’d versions of the greatest current 5’s.

It admittedly took me a moment to get the title as my kind went to the decade, but my idiocy is certainly not your problem. :laughing:

Good luck with the channel and I look forward to see how you do what you do. :+1:



Based on your knowledge of the game and how well you explain things, I will follow you immediately!



Just subscribed … Very happy to see this :grinning: … No pressure :joy:



Your 3.70 roster never ceases to amaze me and I’m looking forward to a possible future event video because those rankings are pretty awesome!

Also, as someone who dreads maxing out a hero before their special skill hits 8/8, you describing trying to achieve that by 3.70 gave me serious anxiety. I wouldn’t look at that c.Thorne either. :joy:

Good luck with the channel @RandaPanduh!


You are not alone there. My first thought was old tv show clips like Starsky and Hutch or The Six Million Dollar Man :rofl:


Firstly: thank you :kissing_heart:

(Lol and sorry to those who were deceived by my title, hoping to jam out to some disco, or maybe Pink Floyd :sweat_smile:)

You all are far more kind to me than I’ve earned quite yet :heart::green_heart: Wholeheartedly appreciate the support. Too, hope to touch on a bit of everything in this experiment of mine (including my mat supply, which I totally forgot to include in my original vid, but promise I will :sweat_smile:)

Trial & Error

So last night’s video attempts were hot messes to be honest with you. First one didn’t even make it to YT, second came into fruition out of pure exhaustion - testing an app that allowed me to use both my camera and phone simultaneously - and at the same time - ended up on both a tangent about 4* while attempting to find a rogue eyelash lol. Then, I figured I should make a vid of before/after leveling, but I was so tired, 90% of the audio is me yawning :joy: & The other 10% is crap cuz the mic is fked :sweat_smile: Woke up today, watched, and was like,

“wtf is this :poop:, Mir?!?!”

Buuuuut I learn from my mistakes, and the only issue I have with today’s vid is it got cut-off before I could finish and close. But ah well, the important :poop: is in there lol. Least I’m getting closer to figuring this :poop: out :rofl:

My goal is to get as much of my experience with 70’s down in video before I make the final push to max my 5* @ lvl 100 - to hopefully help those who’re disadvantaged in some way, to compete like I have been - so with that in mind, I did actually accomplished something today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yay!

Now, without further ado:

Watch me get Top 1% in Mythic Titan with 70’s :grin:


My goodness…It´s all about the items and right heroes. No wonder why my scores are always so low. Congratulations on such a fantastic collection :purple_heart:

Thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I imagine the matchmaking in tournaments etc. really are good for you, considering you haven´t ascended any heroes and they are all of similar level that way? Do you recommend stripping all heroes off emblems too?

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Can’t wait to have time later today to watch! :+1:

This 5 titan Mythic Titan cycle I decided I wanted to get all the avatars. Got the first two and failed on this one. Noticed the biggest top 1% jump on Gilgamesh lately. From past records people snuck in at 1.9-2 million total damage. I had 2.5 and failed. Some fellow FTPs had 2.7 and 2.8 and also failed. That is a big jump.

I am sure you’ll have some great tips. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts.



Oooh cool interesting … Iv subbed and ill get around to brouse at yah stuff at some point … :blush::green_heart:


I’m sorry this is my first reply. As you can see, I have a problem being too loquacious, and specific, so I don’t reply often as to not overwhelm all involved :sweat_smile: So apologies for the length, but I did see a question and wanted to cover it :crazy_face:

It really is :sweat_smile: & Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been quite fortunate, that a lot of the great heroes I’ve received are titan specialists in some way (EDD/DD/attack buffer). So that, despite the fact they’re at a much lower level, their skills are so powerful, I can still compete well so long as they stay alive. That’s been pretty key for me.

Fortunately, there are a lot of 3*/4* that can provide similar contributions, which means they’re slightly more accessible, but the downside to that is, typically, they’re still behind pay-walls :roll_eyes:

EDD: Falcon, Nordri, Almur, Jackal, Sergei
DD: Wilbur, Sun Shangxiang, Eichelborg, Gormek, Grimm, Frank, Gunnar, C. Brienne, Marcel, Treevil, Cheshire, Tibs
Titan: Bertulf, Wu Kong, Sergei
Increased Damage: Franz
Tile Buffer: Jott
Attack/Crit Up: Shadereave, Boldtusk, C. Grimm, Kiril, Brienne, Melia, C. Kailani, C. Rigard

Yes, it really is tbh, for that reason. Specifically in avoiding meta heroes right out the gate, like Treevil in 3*. However, the downside to that is I have to do well every single day to land in Top 1% and have a good defense score all week. So it’s not all peaches, but the battles the first few days are definitely a whole lot less stressful, that’s for sure :sweat_smile: Day 4/5 is when things get tough, and I gotta be on my A game.

Honestly, what I’d recommend is using whatever tools you have at your disposal. And for most, that involves mats. I’m in a unique situation where I have built the depth to compensate my lack of TP over these nearly four years. For those who don’t have that, you start stripping away your strength, and you’re more than likely just hindering yourself in these specifics facets of the game - removing your advantage. Unless you’re already at the end of your rope, frustrated with the opponents you’re facing, then I spose… What’s the harm?!

This game is all about having fun, after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First War Hit Vid! :grin: