Rana / Perseus versus Victor


Does anyone know if Perseus and Rana’s special counter Victor’s stealing 61% healing effect?

I kinda find it interesting that Vivica and Rigard can get rid of that instantly too.


Seems that they are unaffected.


I’m having the same issue. Victor was healed while Perseus’s special was in effect. Can we please get a developer’s response to this, because I see nothing on his card that states this should be the case?

I am not a developer, but I think the argument is that Victor is not being “healed” – he is draining health from a foe.

[FWIW, Morgan le Fey also drains HP from her attack, which is also unaffected by Perseus, Rana and similar debuts.] [<–probably wrong (see below), but if wrong, then why is Victor different?]


I’m pretty sure that is incorrect about Morgan. I used Perseus specifically the first time I faced her for that reason. And as for draining, it still heals him. I would say that Morgan has a better argument because she drains health, and doesn’t steal “healing”.

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@Petri, would it be possible to look into this, please?

For me is exactly how @Kerridoc said.
Victor steal from the target, doesn’t cure himself.

For absurd if the target was affected by Perseus special, Victor doesn’t cure at all.

Victors card states he steals healing, not draining health so yeah he should be blocked in my opinion. And yep, Morgan can drain health from the foe while under Perseus effect but she doesn’t gain it herself, while her card does explicitly state that she is draining, so Victor should be the same.


Thank you for reporting this @Jordanmulsanne - this is a bug and will be fixed in version 18. This fix should also enable Triton’s special to work together with Victor :+1:


Good feeling isn’t it when the official response sides your point of view @WulfMeister :wink:

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Thank you, @Sara. I appreciate you looking into it, and making sure it’s taken care of. I did agree that Victor’s special should work together with Triton.

Yes. It is @FrenziedEye.

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How i can report a bug of mystic visions i cant open it a few day

Off topic, but turn your phone off, wait 25 seconds and then turn it back on. Should fix the issue

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I fix it tnx :slight_smile:

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