Rana or Norns?

Which one should I give priority to? I have at most: Neith, Malosi, Drake and Joon. Bank 1/1 Leonidas and another Malosi. Very difficult decision.

Keep your darts…
Non of them are eligible for the darts except duplicate Malosi.

Poseidon, White Rabbit, Guinevere, G.Gazelle may sound better.

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I have ascended my Rana (from 3/70 who was stranded as such since obtained last year) after seeing Roc this last SandEmpire. Between her and Norns, the latter has better overall stats but the former has more skills to offer. And in this forum, I have yet to see a “BUFF RANA” thread. The same cannot be said to Norns.

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Norns if you play 3 2 or 4 1. In mono yellow is is just an average hit 3 hero

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