Rana, Neith or Norns

For the man who already everything has what he needs…
My defense is quite solid, my offense is great but I have these heroes sitting here and waiting for some action, which should I level up? Which would be fun to play? Which would be a great hero for making a good team better or Note fun to play?
Which would you choose and why?
Thank you all!

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I hate to say it, but I think my answer to this question has to be “none of the above.”

I would also describe myself as “already everything has what he needs.” My defense would not be improved with any of these heroes. My mono yellow attack team might be slightly better with one of them, but that’s not even a sure thing.

If you have like 18 darts, several thousand feeders, and 100M ham, with nothing better to use any of it on, then I guess I’d suggest Rana. Seems like the best of the three for attacking with, IMO. Neith maybe slightly better on defense, but it sounds like you don’t need help there, so…


If you indeed have everything, I would be voting for Norns.

She provides somewhat unique utility, which may prove quite useful - if not now then at some point ahead. She can turn stack of your weak color against certain tank to a strong color against said tank. helping out that one attack on war.

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If, by this, you also mean you have loads of Darts collecting dust in your inventory, then as @gregschen has already suggested, you can probably go for Rana.

If not, then my suggestion is also to let them stay on the back burner for some more time.

For fun’s sake, I’d go Norns (actually, I just gave mine darts this week!).

Her card stats are really high (like all season 3) so that hit-3 deals quite high damage (think around Drake kind of damage - Norns has 43 attack higher when both are unemblemed, but 265% Vs his 270%).

She makes for some interesting tactical thoughts too, and I like that kind of thing.
I particularly like Norns in rainbow - suddenly you’ve got zero “weak” tiles on the enemies she’s afflicted… And since rainbow is unfashionable it’s actually quite good fun to use it again, with a boost.


I agree with @BubblesUK. If we’re speaking from a strictly fun point of view, norns is your choice. She has a very tactical use and is only good in certain situations but knowing how to use her can change everything. She’s really good against 3/2 stacks and rainbow teams. I chose her over leonidis. She’s super fun to use in season three where the enemies are red and purple and I like to use green and purple. Throw her in and boom.


I gave my darts to Norns and they’ve proven useful in wars. They also have high stats overall and that special hurts if nothing else. And their special looks nice. Imho they have max fun factor.


I only have Rana, so I’m biased. But she is useful in most conditions, particularly for field aid wars as she reduces the amount of healing heroes receive and has an undispellable DoT.

Norns … just because it is the most beautiful artwork in the whole game.

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Her DOT can be cleansed. It’s the heal effect that cannot be

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Ah right. I defense teams tend not to add dispellers so I forgot.

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I just pulled her and am replacing Neith in my defense. I like rana the best

Rana has been a stalwart in my D team for almost a year, despite the fact I spent much of that time looking to replace her. Since moving to a DOT heavy comp I have learned to appreciate her more and there are only a couple of heroes I would consider replacing her with. I use her constantly in yellow stacks, though that is partly down to her heavy stack of emblems. Still, I think she brings a lot to the table.

Neith is fine, but I wouldn’t prioritize her. The blind all is great, and the mana cut is almost always good, but her damage is pretty bleh. I maxed her when purple war tanks were still common, but now nearly never have cause to use her. Even if I magically had two level 23 mana troops for my yellow stack I would still likely just use her in rush attack tournaments, for the most part.

I don’t have Norns, but I hear she is lots of fun. I think she is probably the most entertaining of the three, unless you want to stack DOT with Rana.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thank you a lot for your thoughts. IT took some time to decide… There was a word that made my decision, DOT-stack! Since my Lady Locke is always in my attack team, this seems to me the most use and fun.
Thank you all for your help!