Rallies - strange calculation of raw material losses

Rallies - strange calculation of raw material losses.
It is often the case that when I enter the game, the number of raids on my camp is displayed.
It is strange that
-on all invasions I lose the same amount of raw material
while reviewing the report, I see that I hardly have any resources, even though it has been several hours since the last invasion
-I calculated that my raw materials from the last visit to the moment of logging in to the game were divided into those who invaded me
It should not be like this. As already, the raw materials that I collected until the last invasion should be divided into enemies, but only those until the last invasion. The raw materials that I collected from the last invasion until I logged into the game should be mine.
And why do I lose the same amount of raw material on all invasions?
Is the amount of losses should not depend on the number of trophy levels?
and why is it a loss of 20 pieces of raw material for raiding, and sometimes one hundred thousand pieces of raw material for an invasion?

I am asking for an explanation and if it is an error, please fix it

I think there is a bit of a false economy on raid resources and I think, from a game design perspective, it is necessary.
What you lose <> what the raider gains, and the reason is asynchronicity.
Let’s say you are raiding me, and the game has already promised you 12345 iron and 13456 food (just random numbers for example’s sake), based on what it saw was left in my watchtower at the time you chose to raid me. I log in, prior to the end of the raid, and collect from my watchtower. Now there is nothing left to give you. It can’t give you nothing, it certainly owes you 12345 iron and 13456 food (or think about how many complaints there would be here about not recieving raid rewards). So it gives you what it promised.
It may even be that the amount it promises you isn’t really based on anything related to your watchtower stores, just some random magic number based on your watchtower level, trophies, some other metric, etc.
But it can’t take away iron and food you already collected, so this food and iron is just “made up”. The transverse is also true - what is taken from you during a raid (that actually affects your watchtower) has nothing to do with what actually happened, as is simply a function of succesful raids against you and time that you were away from the game, and this calculation runs at login. That’s most likely how the mechanic works anyway.
In short, the raid economy creates and destroys food and iron at will, and that’s just part of the game to preserve rewards.

Thanks for the clarification. If you can, please explain why the amount of what I am losing during invasions is so extremely different.
five invasions in a row I lose 10 pieces of iron and another time, five invasions in a row lose 47481 pieces of iron.
In the past, such things did not happen.
I lost iron more or less the same, or about 12,000 pieces.
On the other side, I never win only 10 pieces of iron or as much as
until 47 481 pieces. (actual data from the game)
This and the fact that many times in a row you lose after exactly the same number causes the invasions to make an impression that they are not real. Am I right ?
In my opinion they should do it as it was before

I don’t know, I’m just speculating. I have some video game programming and game design experience, and there are issues with it being a true economy, so my guess is what I wrote. I wouldn’t want to speculate on exact differences or numbers. Especially since they could literally use a hundred different variables to determine the amount lost, if they wanted. Lots of data would need collected first to reverse engineer the formula, and I’m just not sure it’s worth the hassle. There are points in the game where losing those resources hurts (sounds like you are there right now), and then there are points where you are flush all the time and can’t get spend them fast enough, and that’s currently where I am in the growth cycle, so it would be a ton of work for very little benefit.

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