Raise your cups


How come you lose so many more Cups than you gain? For example I turned on the game this morning and while I was off I was raided 4 times. I won 3 out of 4 of those raids but still lost 50 cups. That does not seem right, so I only win a couple cups when I win but lose like 60 when I lose. That’s not a fair ratio


That is the risk you take when you raid an easy opponent for 10 cups, they take revenge and hit you back for 60 because you climbed out of their reach.


Cup system is design to balance between cups for attack and cups for defense. if you raid actively you gain cups for attack victories, but when you inactive you have to protect your cups with your defense team. Your final position is a combination of both offence and defense. If you go too high attacking a lot you’ll lose in defense because you climbed too high and attacking teams are too strong for your defense.


This morning I got over 2600 cups for the first time. Right now I’m at about 2350. And I’m online quite a bit during the day! Fact is, I was swimming with the sharks, and around 2300 is where my team really should be. Teams that I had successfully raided and left in the dust were free to revenge me for big cup gains. That’s just the nature of the beast. Hopefully the next rare quest will give me a set of darts and I can fully ascend Joon. Then I’ll be able to hold a few more cups!


So should you not raid teams weaker than you? How should you balance your raids?


Look for an opponent where you can bring heroes to counter theirs, and one that offers more than 30 cups for a win. Tailor your team to beat that particular opponent. Double strong color against their tank, bring a dispeller if you need one, bring a cleanser if they have DoT heroes, etc


Gawd, no. I have no interest in cups. I reroll alot, but I always make sure that the lower power team is resource rich.


I’m not too worried about resources, I am trying to get up to Diamond level


Do you have at least 3 good fully ascended 5* heroes in your team? If not then I doubt you can keep your position in a diamond league.