Raise the gap for Mystic Vision?

Hi guys Let me know what y’all think! Instead of 1 mystic vision for every 16hrs they can raise it to 30+ per day or 5-10x per logged on. Example you log on watched 10 videos and MV—> mystic vision disappeared and then you longed off and then log on again the MV reset and you can watch more videos. With this, I think it will keep more players playing this game longer especially when they finish all their quests and flags. Instead of waiting hours to logged on to the game again for cuz they have nothing else to do they can be on and watch the videos to try to get more items. Also, I will think this will generate more money for SG for advertising and in return they will be more generous in giving us ascending items (fingers crossed). As for getting to watch more videos The rewards going to be less desirable. like instead of getting a crafted item it’s going to be materials for the items. In the rewards all items in the game will be included in it. Again, just an idea for now, let me know what y’all think?

I too wonder why they don’t make mystic vision more. They can get more ad money revenue by us watching.

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Oh dear. No, not that often. Every 2-4 hours would be sufficient. Think about it in the grand scheme of things. You have a 10 minute timer on World Energy usually needing at least 3 for a mission, so that’s every 30 minutes. You have the raid timer set for every hour, so that’s every 60 minutes. You have titan swings regen every 4 hours. And AW flags drop every 12 hours. You already have timers that will keep people logged in to some degree. You just need another one that hits that sweet spot in between. Another 3 to 4 hour timer is sufficient for that purpose in my opinion.

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I don’t know what the right number would be, but great idea. Having more is preferred and perhaps more reward for downloading game. I’ve downloaded a few from MV.


Unfortunately, they have to control the flow of non-farmable rewards somehow. If they upped the frequency with which you could watch Mystic Visions, they’d have to reduce the drop rate of the good stuff in those vision rewards.


How many really watch Mystic Vision? It’s kind of a fire and forget missile. Press play and leave the phone on the table… Watch, don’t watch, you get your reward in 30 seconds. Sometimes it quit a great reward.

Just talking about gems: You would make 300 gems once every 2-3 days. Who would buy them then? profit decreases…

Main objective is to get you hooked and if you have money or “weak of heart” (c&p 2p please dont jump on me :smile: ) they make profit on your @$$ :wink:

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well said increase. not increase it infinitely . my opinion would be be 2 times a day or every 12 hrs.
if u play normally chests and titans and wars and MV you’d get 300 gems each month so alittle boost in MV would benefit us and them(SGG).

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MV doesn’t give very good rewards as it is. 49/50 videos and I receive 1 banner and 1 gem. If that’s all that’s being rewarded I would at least appreciate the opportunity to watch a few more videos.

you are “right” . ‘rewards crap’. all kind of “crap” posted here: Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing

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Continuing the discussion from Raise the gap for Mystic Vision?:

Thank you for all the inputs. I still want them to give us more MV because it will give many players a shimmer of hope to get ascending items, including me. For sure the drop rate for anything good will go way down but there is always a chance. Watching MV is optional of course, and if we ended up getting a few hundreds gems in a few days that doesn’t means Small Giant is losing money cuz no one will be buying gems. They will make all that and then some on us watching all those ads. Again, I appreciate all the inputs :grin:.

Profits might increase, you don’t know what the ad revenue is. Only E&P know what they get per ad watched. I agree that the rate needs to be increased to probably once every 2-4 hours and leave the rewards the same.

I also play a space shooting game that lets you watch a video every 5 minuets (infinite shooting - its fun) for 50 gems. You can open an epic box which is way better than a normal box for 200 gems. That’s an epic box every 20 minuets.

I guess SG calculated not to make a small fortune with ads in a few years, but a very big one with patience and your money in more many years. And as it stands zyngas’ money too. Ads could end, “your” money never.

Ad revenues tend to be pretty minor. Think of it as something that keeps SG revenue neutral for all the F2P people on their server expenses and so on. But every $3 worth of gem sales they lose to ads is going to hurt a little.


By all means, ask for this, and see what SG does. I think those of us discussing the revenue side are just trying to explain why we suspect it won’t happen.

I have just had a message saying that I have exhausted all my mystic visions, now they are 8 hourly.

Blockquote How many really watch Mystic Vision? It’s kind of a fire and forget missile. Press play and leave the phone on the table… Watch, don’t watch, you get your reward in 30 seconds. Sometimes it quit a great reward.

This is exactly what I do… press play, ignore, come back and press X, collect my rewards…

This is a common account bug for people running two accounts on one device. Completely exit out of the app and it should work for you when you sign back in. If that fails reset your device.

I don’t have more than one account. I was just saying if you are limited to the number you can get when they are available 8 hourly, then presumably that would happen more often.

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