Raise the age requirement to 17+

Most not all but Most of the major complaints in this game stem from two things

1- summonresults/money spent
2-drop rate of ascension items

Now we hear the uproar of “*** SG, you guys are crooks, I’m never spending again!!! threads followed by the I have had X amount of said characters and havent recieved any AM materials in months!!! threads are just to many to count and the VAST MAJORITY” <------ not all by any means are FTP gamers.

Now let’s put some perspective out there

1 month v.i.p- 4.99 no tax, second builder gems loot tickets and emblems last 30 days

combo at McDonalds- 5 dollars last 10 minutes

movie date- 2 tickets $20+ 10 if in 5 dollar day, popcorn/drink/ candy $20 gas $10 last 1 and half to 2 hours

dinner date- meal $50 <----real men $20 college student 2 for 20 deal last hour to hour and half plus gas $10

phone to play game $500 to $800, internet bill $50 to $80. app free :slight_smile:

special night when living with parents- dinner date 2 for $20, gas $10, hotel room 39.99<---- better not to $150( gotta have that jacuzzi)

average price of summon of ten heroes. 29.99
specials of 19.99 3k gems and ascension mats also regular. 29.99 4800 gem special with ascension items regular avaialble.

yes it’s a gamble but anyone over the age 17 gets that or should. kids should not be playing a game with such an addictive and simply frustrating system to get heroes. I watch my friend 11 year old throwing her phone around numerous times from bad raids/ bad titan hits/ heal aide in war<-------know this feeling.

if you cant see how u can progress moderately for cheap in this game being that everything takes time, and most of the stuff you purchase here if done right are cheaper than your average day out, you just may not be old enough or this is not the game for you. nothing is free or guaranteed in this world and yes I have suffered frustration from trying get said hero only to come.away empty handed and oh well, no different than buying a lottery ticket, being excited to see a movie and it sucked, go in a date that ends up being a date from hell.

this games model is to much for young children’s minds to process especially the psychological problems that arise from “nerd rage”. I feel that this game is marketed at to young of a core audience and that’s unhealthy for everyone as post after post of gimmie,lend me,can you spare, has gotten really old. as always thank everyone for their time and any opinions are welcome.


I did some minor edits to bring this post into standards without changing the meaning. I hope you don’t mind.

As I understand it, recommended ages are determined by game content, not the presence of optional in-game purchases. This game’s contents fall within the usual standards for teens. Every purchase requires a password or biometric confirmation, so parents have ample tools to prohibit or limit spending by minors.


not really because u can go to any store and buy Google and iTunes cards without your parents even knowing. If online poker was banned because minors could get “addicted to gambling” this seems a hundred times worse being that with poker you could actually win money and here you win nothing besides pixels.

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I actually agree somewhat with the OP but my perspective comes from all these mobile games and their addictive potential for children.

I believe children should be monitored by their parents and helped to understand why/how these types of games can cause problems with some people.

I see the issue with my own grandchildren and know the struggle their parents face in trying to limit the playtime (and budget), while still letting their kids enjoy their games.

I’m just glad it’s not my problem to deal with!


I appreciate your open mindedness…

Unfortunately I doubt that that will be the majority opinion.

It isnt just Facebook. SG wouldn’t take any steps to willingly reduce its profitability in the sake of human well being.

In fact their model is specifically designed to prey nefariously upon human nature.

They aren’t going to be good ole chaps and say “yeah we should have less money. Let’s up the minimum age.”

Anyway, there’s plenty to be frustrated about. And people who say “well parents need to watch their kids” aren’t wrong… but is it fair to the child who has shitty parents, OR just parents who aren’t as observant, that they’re effectively being wrecked by these “games” ?

I don’t think so.

Parents need to be aware of the dangers of Gacha, and not just in the mobile gaming realm… but certainly at least in the mobile gaming realm.

It’s a frustrating, difficult topic. And because entertainment and video games don’t require Gacha, I really long for the day they’re legislated out of existence. It won’t harm the consumers. And heaven knows there will still be plenty of game developers.

Most parents struggle because they use the phone/ipad as a parenting crutch at early ages. can’t tell you how many times we’ve been out as a family and see other families wih 2-3 kids with heads down in devices for 1-2 hours (sometimes adults too). If you let kids be on it for hours when they’re young, ofc it’s going to be a pain in the ■■■ later. You gotta set limits and stick your guns, even if it means a few uncomfortable situations early on or you have to leave a restaurant bc of your kids’ tantrum. Once you say no a few times and they realize you actually mean it and won’t give it, tantrums usually end fairly quickly after that.


Not sure it’s each company’s place to enact an age requirement. It would probably be more efficient to enforce it from a Google Play / App Store level where an age requirement is automatically forced any time an app has in-game purchases equivalent to loot boxes.

That being said by implementing an age minimum you just push off the time at which a young person needs to understand the consequences of a loot box system. Should you do it under a limited income and some degree of supervision at the age of 11 or wait until they can be employed and spend exponential more of their money.

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Dang! Where you live that McDonald’s combo is $5?! Out here I can’t get away with under at least $8! Though I don’t eat McDonald’s :joy:

But you have a good point! I purchase. I see it as just another source of entertainment. Yeah, it’s pixels. But what exactly is a movie? Just images on a screen.

Yeah I get crap pulls gobbling up my diamonds, then I get that ultimate pull that elicits such joy. That’s life In randomness!


I agree with everything you have stated. Most young people at that age have yet learn the satisfaction of working towards a goal and achieving it…it just is not in their brain’s perspective yet. But more alarming to me is the exposure to the gaming rage and trash language they can find in some of the global chats. This fosters the belief in them that this kind of behavior is ok and will then spill over into other aspects of their lives. However it is not up to the developers to monitor this situation. It is up to the parents. How do they do this…restrict usage of the device the young ones are using when such behavior is noticed plus open communication between parents and children what is acceptable behavior and what is not! Thanks for a thoughtful post!

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Uhh, I played a lot of online games and spent (some/a lot?) of time on sites targeted at teens starting at aroud 12 and many of them gave the option purchase stupid things (like dress up crap for avatars. Some direct buy, some RNG) that made the game more enjoyable. When I was 12/13 I just didnt buy anything.

I never really whined when I eventually started buying some RNG stuff from time to time. I had just decided after awhile that RNG was stupid and stopped spending. And I started working part time doing basic receptionist duties at a local business at age 14— (my family new someone blahblahblah) — so it’s not like me stopping wasnt from not having any money to spend on frivolities. I didnt really spend much at all in general though since you cant work a lot of hours when you’re that age so I didnt have much I was willing to waste. And hypothetically, if did spend a lot my parents would of been asking where all the heck my money went lmao.

I don’t think there’s a fair basis for comparing one 11 year old you know to teens who have some of their own income because they’re responsible enough to hold a job. I know in the app store this game is rated age 12+, but if kids that young are playing I’m pretty sure their either not gonna have any money to spend on this game (or) there parents/guardians would be able to easily see how much their child is dishing out on apps if they pay attention at all.

If there’s any reason to up the age rating of this game I think its the chat room, not the fact that you can buy gems


But wasting money is wasting money. Many teenagers will. When I got my casual time job at almost-15, 90% of my earnings was spent on cassette tapes and CDs and concert tickets. And most of those CDs I didn’t even get full enjoyment of. Remember when you used to buy a full album for one song you liked and the rest of it was mediocre to bad? I do. I wasted thousands on CDs. No spotify or youtube to save my wallet.

Was that any less wasteful than this game? It wasn’t “gambling” in the same way, but I was paying stuff that I might not like/enjoy.

As much as I despise lootboxes and this new culture of jamming lootboxes into everything… What about Kinder Eggs (old), football cards (old), Lego Minifig baggies (new). That stuff is actually for kids.

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I would go broke if i spent on movies and $50 dinner dates and hotels with jacuzzi or $30 dollar bug infested motel, no thanks. Maybe include 17+ And making above minimum wage or only meant for real men

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