Rainbow team

My rainbow defence team current consists of costume vivicia, finley, Telluria, Costumed Azlar and Seshat.

I am planning to replace it with Dr. Lidenbrook/ Director Zuri, morel, costumed Kadilen, lady loki and Seshat. Suggest if this new team is better or should I keep the old one.

I like the new team better. Not a huge fan of Lady Loki on defense though.

Iā€™d also consider moving Prof to flank. Perhaps Lady Loki moves to wing to five time to acquire status ailments while also starting your turn with a cleanse.

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I do have other red but my red is a weak colour. I have Try, Marana, vanda and Mitsuko fully ascended. Apart from that I have khagan, Ruben, elena, Brazil and Sean francois all unlevelled

Vanda works really well on defense. At least when I tried her I was pleasantly surprised. So maybe her instead of lady loki.