Rainbow team events

With the copious amounts of threads and anecdotes on why “stacking color’s” is a great way to progress in the game, why do we not have an event where we are only allowed to use a “rainbow team”?

This would automatically give players a hard look at which heroes are really valuable. Also, it would force us to really think about team layouts.

I understand why stacking happens, and I have my own favoured teams but I think we drifted away from how we started.

Many other games give another version of this in that they have events where only specific elements/color’s can be used, so where is the heart of our game, i.e. look at all our defense teams, well at least 90% are rainbow?

Rainbow Teams certainly benefit defenders WAY more than attackers so that might be a little much. However, having element restrictions in War like they do in Tourneys would be a welcome addition. Gets too boring facing the same tanks over and over again.

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That restriction would lead to boringly long stages. When you get to the later stages, you’ll be playing for like 5+ min per stage. I’ll be on the toilet for hours then.

Mono teams also does this tho…you need a buffer (att/crit), defense down, elemental def down, high tile dmg, and heavy Hit-3 hero.

I started mono tho. In the spirit of Cheds, all mono errthang baby.
(I’m actually starting to drift 4-1 and 3-2 if anything)

We have that. Element restriction tournaments. Hopefully in the furture, we will have that for war as well.

Btw, theres nothing stopping you from bringing rainbow to any aspect of the game (besides the color restriction tournaments ofc). Why would you propose the game restrict a player to bringing a less efficient offense?

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To be honest with the new raid formations I don’t think mono is/was as good a strategy as it used to be.
I now look at 3/2 or 2/2/1

They can do it, just scale the difficulty according to the damage of how a rainbow team would do. Honestly, events are boring now with the same mono teams. Would be interesting to see everyone’s take on a rainbow event team.

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  • There is no elemental reflect for the event

  • No 2 heroes of the same element allowed


I get what you mean. I’ve been grinding top 1k rare, top 500 epic and top 1k legendary every month since ~March 2020. It’s getting monotonous. But so is like almost every other aspect of the game lol. I don’t see how forcing ppl to use rainbow on events would make things any more interesting. It would just lead to longer fights with lower scores, potentially more frustration. And highly likely that it would lead to less of a reason to chase specific event heroes that fit mono teams which would be counterproductive for SGG’s profit.

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I suggest this idea because of the apparent “ease” with which teams are beaten using mono teams, particularly when troop levels are sufficiently high enough, i.e. level 23.

Also, and let me stress, boards permitting.

Element restricted tournaments actually force mono or 4-1, 3-2, or some other combination.

I get why these tourneys are needed but I do believe a little more variety as I suggested won’t harm the game.

The title said rainbow team events and by “events”, I thought you were referring to Challenge events and Ninja/magic tower, etc. But it seems you’re talking about pvp tournaments?

Pve events ok, raid events or wars don´t.

I think this will be better since rainbow have low tile damage. It will be boring.


  • There is no elemental reflect for the event
  • The heroes with highest attack of each element get +100% Attack for 5 turn every 5 turn. This effect can’t be dispell and can be stack with any other buff that increase attack.
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Pvp, and events. My idea is really to see that heroes are not stacked, as in full mono or 4-1, or 3-2. Granted this would be more difficult but is that not a way to spend a little more time using our experience, and our “benched” heroes?

Which is why I mention it to be scaled to a difficulty a rainbow team could deal with, and not let it drag out too long. it will be an event where it’s the inverse of regular events. While tile damage is needed, your heroes’ skills hold more weight and are essential in beating the stages


My experience has been the exact opposite. With the new formations I find myself using 4-1 or Mono more often than I have.

So that you learn other aspects of the game. People are so warped from mono play they get antsy if a match takes more than 30 seconds.


let’s face it, even if an event with a rainbow team requirement would to come out, Gazelle will dominate the top 100 ranks as the team’s go to yellow hero.
This event only applies to normies like us, but I love a challenge

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This is one of the reasons I suggested this. I also love a challenge, and it is nearly no challenge to see level 23 or 30 troops wipe out a team with just a few moves, board permitting that is.

I also normally use the 3-2, or 4-1 setups and even though my troops are still only level 5 my 3800+, or 3900+ team power teams still take out rather nasty 4600 and 4700 teams.

Note, my strike teams are all 4*s so when facing Alfrike, Frigg, Odin, Garnet, Black Knight, Krampus and others in various layouts, it does not matter how strong their defense is if I get the “right” board.

Somehow that sounds too good to be true.

Everything is board dependent so no matter how strong a defense team is, it can be defeated. Thing is in PvP normal raids, how many times will it take you to defeat the team and is it worth it if you need to go all 3 times before the game goes “nope”, no more for you.

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