Rainbow Team comp - Kunchen/Quintus n Ariel/Magni

Guys, please advise me

I want to set a rainbow team for defense and overall, but I in doubt about who I should invest my materials. I’m using Magni as a flanker and Kunchen as tank, but now I have Ariel, and I don’t know if I should switch Kunchen for her and then switch Magni with Quintus, so I maintain the rainbow structure. What do you guys think? Thanks.

Is there a reason you NEED rainbow defense? I’m more inclined to keep non rainbow defense teams since generally speaking: a) the attacks are colorless unless you add elemental debuff, and b) more likely to force the opponent to stack colors, which in turn reduces chances of them getting the tiles they need to win.

I wouldn’t invest in quintus. he is too lackluster IMO and i’m sure alot of peoples opinion as well. Kunchen has been a huge help for me as my tank. Definitely worth the tabards. Since you already have a healer in Kunchen, maybe ariel is not the blue for ur main defense team? She’s still great tho, and worth the scopes, but so is magni. Tough call on that one. With whom you presently have, i would start investing in this team until a better option arises:


Anyone else have any thoughts?

Theres no specific reason, it’s just that I thought that a rainbow defense was more solid for average situations, given the fact that people say that color stacking is a nice strategy.
So if you consider that Ariel can stay in a secondary team, my problems are solved and I keep my team as it is.
I have others 5* not developed yet, like Richard and Obakan, but I dont feel very motivated to invest in them at the moment.

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