Rainbow feeding vs same colour feeding which one? & why?

For the reasons mentionned on two previous posts, I never mix colours. Otherwise you are less efficient and beeing less efficient is not good in f2p games, even less when some people use money to run faster :slight_smile:

Also as it it a game of patience, so be patient and don’t waste resources that way. Meanwhile you don’t have special skill fully ascended it is better to grow your heroes with 10 1*/2*. On 3* you may arrive at then end without getting special skill to 8 but for 4*/5* it works pretty well.


Try and read this topic

(Censure's Leveling Guide)


I have been trying to level multiple heroes and Ive had different results with feeding them all colors. Sartana, Elk, Viv and Natalya all have their special levels at 8 at varying levels in the 2nd and 3rd ascension but Im struggling with Justice and Gravemaker who are being leveled the same way but only have their special levels at 2 at the 2nd ascension. I don’t understand the disparity between the heroes but hopefully they gain levels soon.

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Im sure it’s only the trainer heroes of the same colour that give 20% extra. I tested the theory with normal same colour 1* hero compared to a different 1* hero and found the exp given is the same. Please check and clarify.

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It is 20% more for same color. Off color 1* is 150 exp. same color 1* is 180 exp.

** Typically I only use off color when I’m trying to finish off the final levels of a hero in a hurry.


Link to all the current data on leveling heroes:

Depends on my current situation.

Hopefully one day I will be in Zero’s situation, leveling one 5* hero at a time and already having all the ascension items needed for 5* 4.80.

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What it comes down to is a matter of what you value more.

I value having a hero ready to use and have fun with as soon as possible, so I throw every color feeder at my chosen leveling target. I have never failed to max a 4* or 5* hero’s special at 8/8 by the 4th ascention.

If you must have the absolute most efficiency out of the resources in the game, then yes, you do get 20% more exp feeding like-colored heroes, and twice the level up chance (1% to 2% for 1*, 2% to 4% for 2*).

I find that it takes a maddening amount of real-world time to level heroes with like-colored feeders only, so I always recommend the “feed 'em all” method. Life’s too short to wait weeks or months to be able to use a shiny new hero.

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Not only that but if you go the color specific training route it costs 250% more hams and only takes half as long as elc or twice as long as normal backpack.

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That’s a different question, but agree- never use tc5-9, that’s just a huge cost for what you get. Better to do tc1/2/11/19

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The tradeoff changes a lot from early game to end game.

Early game, leveling heroes takes a long time, and generally your first goal is a single set of rainbow heroes, and your second goal is another set of rainbow heroes so you can double up each of the colors.

Under those circumstances, feeding on-color will have your growth being slower on individual heroes, but overall it is faster.

End game, say where you already have 20-30 maxed heroes, and just got a new hero of the month you want to level, like Zero’s video working Aeron or the guy who power-leveled Alasie, rainbow feeding is the right trade-off.

And many people are in between, making the choice interesting, rather than obvious.


I am a strong proponent of feeding heroes only within the same color. With wars and events, having a deep bench of 4s, 5s, and even 3*s is hugely beneficial, and the 20% experience boost is quite valuable over in the mid-long run. However, I can think of three situations where off-color feeding is appropriate.

1.) You have no viable hero of a certain color that you want to level, so you give those feeders to a different color.
2.) You have a hero that is extremely high priority - i.e. you drew a 5* hero of a color where you were using a 3* previously, so levelling it is very important and time sensitive.
3.) You are extremely far along in the game, so the only heroes you care about are HotMs or new event heroes. you save feeders for these new heroes since you already have everything you could want which is avaliable.


I can see myself hitting case 2, if I get Sartana or Panther. My current 5* purples are all sub-optimal. I look forward to the day case 3 applies to me. That’s not going to be soon.
In the meantime, I have plenty of heroes to level in all colors, so I stick to same colors for now.

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It’s only worth it “building a bench” if those bench heroes do more than just add AW depth. i.e. if it’s adding diversity to your healers for raiding or adding heroes you’ll use on your titan teams. If the only reason you’re leveling certain heroes is AW, stop and level something else.


Levelling heroes of the same colour feeds will give increased XP! Ultimately means you level your heroes faster with lot less ham (aka food.) As for levelling with 1 or up-to a max of 10 heroes per feed, feeding using maximum 10 per feed will increase the % likelihood of increasing special hero skill. Max level for any hero specials is 8, higher you get better the specials is, and these can be various abilities depending on the hero. Your aim is to have max specials before your hero gets into an ascension lockdown, which means you waiting for rare ascension items to ascend the hero to the next tier and continue levelling once again and making the hero even stronger. There are total of four ascension tiers and ideally…, one would want to have the specials maxed before the end of second tier on a 5* hero, third tier on a 4* hero.

Other things…, feeding with its double, gives you 25% chance increase for specials, and most experience! Using two doubles will give you 50% and so on…, but personally think it’s a waste to use more than one double per feedings.

Like BarryWuzHere stated, the tradeoff changes a lot from early game. For a while, working on my primary team…, I really had to go all out with the rainbow colour feedings! Several reasons, one being the hero roster cap limit! Either spend gems to increase it, or keep progressing in the game to have it increased naturally and enough to be beneficial to storing 10 on-colour heroes for several different coloured heroes.

I have done both rainbow and colour-specific hero feeds, and both types of feeds giving me successful special level increments to max state. However, there be times where we will be fingered and not have much success in maxing our hero specials before that dreadful ascension lockdown. Like my first and only hero… Wu Kong! Specials level 4 maxed at third tier!

Little more information…;

Hero feeding of the same elemental type; 1* +180, 2* +468, 3* +756, 4 +1080
Special Level Up Chance: 1
2%, 2* 4%, 3* 6%, 4* 8%, 5* 10%

Hero feeding of the different elemental types; 1* +150, 2* +390, 3* +640, 4* +900
Special Level Up Chance: 1* 1%, 2* 2%, 3* 3%, 4* 4%, 5* 5%

The above information is strictly based on using untrained heroes.

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For the first and part of the second tier I throw all color 1*, then 1 and 2* and when the ham cost becomes significant then I tend to do one color, but not always. If you want to level you hero for months then yeah, go wait for all the same color.
For 4 and 5* special skill is not an issue, I pulled Scarlett and Gravemaker 3 days ago, she reached 8/8 by the end of 2nd tier and his final upgrade was the 3rd tier ascension. By feeding 10x1* of any color you get 10% chance, opposed to 20% for the same color, but on the other hand you get more chances, and let’s face it, 20% is still not that great. Sometimes I had skills not upgraded with 92% chance :wink:

As for 3*'s right now I’m testing the way of levelling by feeding single 1* heroes of the same color, for 2% chance. It may sound crazy, but it seems to work, just is more tedious and requires more clicking, but I still have 2 heroes maxed the “old way” with 5/8 and 6/8, and 2 new ones with 8/8 in their 2nd and 3rd tier.


I only feed the same color.

I feed a hero to Max special skills and afterwards the hero only feeds on 1*
For example: I get a good red hero. I feed the hero red 1* and 2* heroes. All the way up to special skill level 8. After that the red hero must settle for 1* food until he/she is maxed out. All the red 2* are being saved for the next good red in line.

When you get trainingcenter 13, you get 3* and 4* heroes every other day and that leaves you with many 3* heroes to upgrade. Soon you’ll have too many 3* in the same color and then you can start eating them too.

If I happen to have 2 of the same hero and I only need one (let’s say, I had two yellow Bane, but only needed one), I would make sure to feed the extra Bane to the Bane I’m keeping. That would improve my keeper-Bane’s chance for a speciel skill with 25%


That is a really good idea, but you are doing it backwards.

Turns out that next to feeding a hero to themself, 1*s of the same color are best for special increases, ahead of 2*s of the same color.

Odds of increase are double for the 2* but XP gained is more than double, so the odds overall are worse!

Next best is 2* same color, then 1* off color, then off color 2*. And steer clear of the trainer heroes until special is maxed!


I think you just need to understand the rules and probabilities (see the levelling guide) but then act on that to suit your own personal situation.
I recently got Grimm, and have a close to full ascension wu already at 8/8. So right now, Grimm is getting all the blue and wu is feeding on everything else…


Ahhh, but I’m a fairly new player. I started playing, late Februar or early March and because I pay money I already have 2 5* and 8 4*.
However, I do not have ascending items enough to fully upgrade these heroes.

So that’s why I use my “backwards” technique. I feed them 2* until their special attack is maxed and then they are given 1*. Yes, I know it means they level up faster (because 1* same color gives 180 xp and a 2* same color gives 468 xp), but it’s fine with me. My heroes still reach their full special attack before I should use ascending items AND they smack enimies harder than if I had just used the same amount, just with 1* :wink:

But it might be a problem with 3*. I have 1 3* that is full level, but only level 7 special attack. He was my first 3* blue and I wasn’t paying attention to what did what, except getting him to level up. I have 4 3* that is full ascending and full special attack and at least one of them were fed 2*.
So I know my method works well on 4* and 5*, but it might not be the best to use on 3*

And again, I only feed the same color :slight_smile:

I have all the standard 3* fully ascended except bane, dawa and carver (that I got the bad idea to use to feed 4* before events appear) and I got several of them reaching 50/3 with special skill not fully ascended. Worst case was berden at 4. But I got the case with 4/5 others 3* with special skill at 6/7, mostly green heroes. Other players in the team faced the same situation with 3*.
No issue with 4* and 5*

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