Raiduri chest

Check what prize I received from raids chest!!!
So it’s not enough I lose almost everyday my cups? Really you transform this game in a big business. Day after Day we lose pleasure…just offers over offers, hungry for money from us…

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So can somebody fix this?!

Don’t see an issue. What you pointed at was PURCHASING a flask.

The chest is immediately above that.

Yes, purchase a flask for complete my raid chest and above you see the result… Or it’s too hard to believe!?

It only shows items 3* and above. I’ve had far worse chests out of diamond, much less below.

Feel free to contact support. Everyone here is just a player like you. Even if there was a problem (and there isn’t), we can’t do anything to fix it.

Maybe for you it’s not a problem, but from what I know that chest it was after I full filled raid chest and that prize doesn’t look like a prize after open a raid chest…

Also I tell you it’s raid chest, so where is food and iron??!

Food and iron does not show up in Recent Activity. Only gems, coins, trainer heroes and 3 star items or above.

Here’s my last raid (upper one) and monster chest (lower one) for example:

Thanks man… But they don’t give me food and iron… So it’s a bug from my part…all other chest was ok but not this one!

Again, if you’re so sure it was wrong, then contact support. They are the only ones that can do anything about it.

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