RaidTournament Bug: after your defense (full maxed 3*) gets attacked and losses you are not attacked anymore and get 200 points at the end of the day

Well the tournament is slowly coming to an end . Got attacked the first day lost…and took almost 36hrs for the 2nd attack and still lost lol.
0-2 E rank…

But that’s just how the cookie crumbles. At least it’s over now.

I got attacked once and lost, and I never got attacked after. Now I get only 200 points a day FOR THE REST OF THE TOURNAMENT… >.<
Other people got attacked over 50 times…

Same here.
Looks like there is still some work to be done…

day4, 0-2 losses. 4 defeats. 18 attacks. score 8600+, 1-5%.

+200 will be added at the end of the day and most likely i’ll drop to 5-10%.

so defense brought me 800 points from possible 3600. :confused:

p.s. for sure the bad defense would have gained me more def points. and i would have gained 20 wins from attacks…

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In my calculation, my attack score would have been higher if I had use my alt account defense (start from 400 points opponent)…

I was 8300 and until the T ended i was in 1-5%. After, due to the 0-2 losses, grade E and minimum 200 poins i dropped to 5-10%.

At least I was lucky, but I had 0% chances to a 4* am:

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I lost out on day 3 of the raids (mostly bad boards). Ended with 6628 points, 10-25%. Ten gems, so not a total wash…

I was attacked a total of 6 times: Day 1 3 times (1-2), Day 2 once (1-3), Day 3 once (2-3), Day 4 once (2-4). End grade D.

That is better than me, I got nothing good:

Even my alt account got better reward:

At least they manage to fix the bug regarding loot tier.

This is at 08.00 GMT

I was placed at 11731 (1%) but they have not finish processing the data, in the previous tournament that result in bug in which players get better loot tier, this time they do not give the rewards before the processing is finished. 15 minutes later they finished the processing and my rank is where it should be at 21115:


Regarding the defense issue, here is the defensive result of me and my brother where we put similiar team with contrasting result:

  1. My defense:
  • Tyrum-Brienne-Gunnar-Hawkmoon-Melia
  • No emblem
  • All troops level 5
  • Power: 2341
  • Day 1: 0 win - 1 defeat
  • Day 2: 1 win - 1 defeat
  • Day 3: 0 win - 0 defeat
  • Day 4: 0 win - 0 defeat
  • Total: 1 win - 2 defeats
  • Daily Grade: E D D D
  • Defense Points = 1400
  1. My brother defense:
  • Tyrum-Brienne-Gunnar-Hawkmoon-Melia
  • No emblem
  • All troops level 1
  • Power: 2321
  • Day 1: 7 wins - 2 defeats
  • Day 2: 0 win - 7 defeats
  • Day 3: 1 win - 1 defeat
  • Day 4: 0 win - 1 defeat
  • Total: 8 wins - 11 defeats
  • Daily Grade: A C C C
  • Defense Points: 2400

So if I put a weak defense next tournament, I will get attacked more and get weaker opponents so I can score higher?

No guarantee to be attacked more, but you will get easier initial opponent and lower chance to lose.

Keep in mind that starting from weaker opponent will give you less points.

you are pretty sure to get more than 200x4 = grade E x 4

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Attacker from that range usually do not have deep bench and stacking experience, thus they are more likely to lose the attacks.

Try putting strong hero in tank and flank positions and put 1* on the wings.

I only took on one more attack, a victory, and that landed me at an even like 7/7 or 8/8 or something.

Still bugged…

Day 1:
Attack: 5-0
Defense: 1-5

Day 2:
Attack: 1-4
Defense: 0-1

Day 3:
Defense: 0-0

Day 4:
Defense: 0-1

Day 5:
Defense: 0-1


What is the bug then?

It seems about 3rd day defense 0-0…
A lot of players have been eliminated, so its normal for the frequency to drop.

But they have not implemented visible changes:

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There are distribution problems. After day 2, my main attacked 21 times, my alt 2 times. In addition, defense score is weighted way too highly considering that attacks are heavily concentrated from players with similar TP. So my main gets 700 defense points and my alt 1800.

Suggestion: All defenses get C grade until they’ve accumulated 10 attacks. Can get better grade if filling out with losses yields better, or worse if filling out with wins. So 1-8 defense would get E grade because 2-8 is E and E<C. And 5-0 defense would get B grade because 5-5 is B and B>C.

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Massive problems:

Day 1 - 0/1
Day 2 - 0/1 (total 0/2)
Day 3 - 0/1 (total 0/3)

I won’t see another attack today most likely. And as such I have no shot at decent loot because no matter how I do on offense, my D will saddle me in E missing out on hundreds of points per day.

They need to consider something to remedy this as the first two tourneys had a similar defense activity but I actually won some so I got more attacks. But still, way less than a lot of my teammates.

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