RaidTournament Bug: after your defense (full maxed 3*) gets attacked and losses you are not attacked anymore and get 200 points at the end of the day

As it can be seen in this topic: Tournament Attack Tracking-How is Your Defense Doing?

after your defense (full maxed 3*) gets attacked and losses (goes 0%-E_ you are not attacked anymore and get 200 points at the end of the day and thus I am bound to take smaller bonus because I was unlucky to lose my first defense attack

for me: 0 wins 1 loss > grade E


Makes perfect sense. My defense also lost the first battle and hasn’t been attacked since. I was trying to figure out why when some are saying they have been attacked over a dozen times.


yup. the matchmaking is clearly done on the defense grade; or at least a large % of it is on grade defense.

this is randomly unbalanced.

SG will fix it for sure - we can suggest posible solutions.

one sugestion from my part is to set an equal number of attacks done on defense - 10 attacks looks ok to determine a equal and multiplied x10 % and grade.

another one is: make 10 grades for defense 100 to 1000?

Oh crap
Now i see it. Your grade E remains from day to day… So 200×4 vs surely more for the luckyer ones…

Quite a bug… My 8×400+ wins are surely outmatched by a possible 4x900

Not true:

Won my first match: 100%
Lost my second match: 50%
Lost my third match: 33%

After that I got attacked two more times (lost both).

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I won one, lost two. (D: 66% loss) Then it waited 13 hours to attack me again. Now I’m at E (75% loss). So there seems to still be hope that a weak team will still attack you and give you a chance to win something back. Just that the attacks become very uncommon at that end…

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will update the bug. thx :wink:

then it seems that only applies to those that get first 1 loss o wins and are graded 0%…

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It seems that is more prevalent on defense with higher power, as my alt with 1598 TP have no trouble getting attacked after losing the first two defensive attempt.


will update :slight_smile:


your brothers’ luck was that he won first defense raid.

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Perhaps they should have put a limit on how many times you can get attacked in 1 day.

Or they can make it so that the more you get attacked, the smaller the probability of your defense get attacked again, that way defense with less number of attack have higher chance to be attacked.


i suggested that - 10 attacks per day: 10 grades: 100-1000.

but aint plausible:

given 5 people > 25 attacks; meaning it is needed 5 attacks max for defense…
yup. aint going to work… SG will have to think this through… and dont let breaches/workarounds…
dev’s gonna have to earn theire money :wink:

Dame here 0/1 and never attacked since after the loss - very disappointing


the problem its the matchmaking… there is were it is broken…

And I am still bemused that my alt with 1598 TP get grade B because it got easier opponents than those with high TP…

The current system make our defense matched with those of equal power (at least on day one). It is like creating different league but not separating the league table.


I happen the same, one attack, one defeat, so only 200 points for me …

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Same for me @_John_Doe . Maxed 3* defence team lost to first attack, recieved def Grade E, no attacks since.

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the center problem is obviously the imbalance… one player gets attacked once and the other a dozen times!!!

as long as getting attacked generates points all players joining raid-tournament have to be get attacked the same number of times…

and in my opinion the factor of randomness is complete out of controll too - in normal raid as well in raid-tournanent. i was loosing twice today by getting boards with an extreme overdose of weak colors or with the color the hero is missing when doubling against the tank. doing 3 or 4 diamants with these tiles is quite normal then…

to me a typical raid against a top2500-player is like loosing the first fight (sometimes very clearly sometimes by a few lifepoints or just one pull) and winning the revenge by doing just 3 pulls on the board but receiving several combos with the right colours… but in tournament there´s is no revenge…

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