Raids: Wins/Loss Ratio & Cup Counts

Anyone else see their “recent raided” list when you open the game and see you won more raids on defense than you lost on defense but you still see a negative cup count and think “this is bs” lol

I’m sure there’s no reason to change it since it’s probably a matter of balancing the numbers and blah blah blah but it still sucks lol

Just a bit of early morning pre-coffee Light venting(not mad or frustrated, but slightly annoyed after a year+ of this)

This is pretty normal. It has nothing to do with win / loss.

It has everything to do with the disparity in cups. If you lose more than you gain, it just means your defense wasn’t on par with the total cup level you were holding.

Personally, I like this mechanic. It allows the game to even out the playing field.


Yea i understand how/why it works.

Still annoying to wake up to

Maybe less anoying once the java is ready tho


I hope that java kicks in for you!
Good morning.


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