Raids: Will somebody kindly come and drink my German beer?

Hi dears,

I used to have quite a number of nice visitors from the forum. They came to visit my keep, drank my German beer - only the best for my dear visitors - and carried off the cups that it came in.

Which pleased me greatly. :slight_smile:

  1. I like to be hospitable
  2. Fewer cups = easier opponents = I can actively attack and win = I can fill my chest.

Lately, though, I have not seen one person from the forum in my keep. Is there something wrong with my beer?

… pours mug of beer … drinks it … nope, tastes just fine … nice and cold and frothy …

Same name ingame. Do stop by, please :slight_smile:


You can be good at beer, but if you suck at steaks i take another pub, thanks.


Elpis that’s a good one. )))

What is your current level of cups? Perhaps a mismatch in cup levels is why the visitors dried up? :face_with_monocle:


Well, I have been at 2400 - 2500 cups lately.
Lots of cups to carry off :wink:

But of course, if I have to spend my nights in the kitchen frying steaks instead of simply serving beer, I just might reconsider … :wink:

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Aha! Chance helped me last night.
I forgot to change my def team back.

Lesson learned: leave Sabina in the def team instead of Rigard - and lots of visitors come and help themselves to my beer. Good!

Also, I have been walking around the neighborhood, carrying presents and knocking on doors that look familiar.

I think it is only polite to say “hi” and bring a present when you are new in the neighborhood. :slight_smile:

So far, @Kerridoc has gladly accepted my small gift :slight_smile:


A beer please :slight_smile: So late?

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Help yourself, dear :slight_smile:

Well, I moved into a new neighborhood in the game recently - levelled up my raid team and thus I have a higher cups level - so I think it is the polite thing to do to visit some of the residents of this new neighborhood and to bring a few cups as a present :slight_smile:

And I gladly serve some nice German beer to my visitors. :slight_smile:


Cups? Not an issue. We here gift our negihboorhoods crystal sets when they move to new :money_mouth_face:

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Oh hey, can someone look after my screenshot for a minute please?

Its a pleasure to have finally drank with you, Anja



I was happy to see such a nice visitor, dear.
And I came by and brought you some cups as a present :slight_smile: