Raids will be the reason I quit this game

What is the point of having team power that means absolutely nothing, if you re roll over and over just because you are tired of DEAD boards that will not even let you power up your healer and you would like to win one, you pick a team 400 lower than you on team power and still lose. Sick of it. Then u turn around and the roll is reversed, I don’t want the program to win or lose for me, I want to pick an opponent closely matched and have a good game, not let the board ■■■■ down or explode and kill all of them. They keep saying there is a known bug, I believe they are losing focus on what made this game so much fun, good even matches. That’s fun. I think they are trying to make you spend MORE money to not LOSE. Sorry, just fed up with game.




Try different hero’s/different combos…there is a reason certain hero’s get a lot of play and others don’t…the right 3800-4000 team can beat a 4500 team with regularity but don’t expect 100% victory


Agree that raids can be very frustrating and yes it’s my least favourite part of the game. And in any event the cups / trophies are worthless other than for bragging rights.
So for me I just focus on Revenge on equal or higher strength teams.
I am looking for fun in the game so I much prefer to spend my energy on tournaments and events and the map and the trials etc.
I don’t have enough time to do everything on a daily basis


My defence team is a fully maxed Heimdall (tank), Onatel, Kunchen, Kageburado and Poseidon.My trophies are between 2600 and 2700, when i climb the 2700 line the party begins,i loose 200-250 trophies.So i prefer to stay below 2700 and just take revenge on every raid,the only goal is the diamond arena chest,i dont mind the trophies,just the loot


Raids are my favorite part of the game, they really put the challenge into it IMO. I do have Zimkitha so that greatly helps as cleanse is crucial. I wish there was a 5* fast dispeller though (if there is I don’t have it).

Today was the first time I met a team I thought I was truly outmatched on:

Bad boards frustrate me more in wars than in raids as I let my allies down, but such is life with color stacking. Those same bad boards also mean that you get great boards that allow you to pummel teams above your grade too don’t forget.

I’ve been playing since Gravemaker was first introduced (I remember as it was my first HotM that I got minutes before he went away), so hang in there, your team will get better


Here are quick tips that may or may not help you do a bit better on raids:

Total team power is not very meaningful in raids. Team composition is.

Try going monochrome, with the color selected to be the strong color against the opposing team’s tank.

Alternatively, try a 3-2 stack, with three of the color strong against opponent’s tank and two of a color strong against one of opponents flanks.

Those two strategies can help you beat teams with total power 400+ higher than yours.
Good luck.


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I agree, the raids are horrible. I know very low teams are raiding me and winning, because I am losing between 45 to 50 cups at a time. I am level 82, with fully levelled 4 star troops and fully levelled 5 star heros, but I lose every single raid. I am no longer even in diamond arena. I used to be able to claw my way back up, but now even preventing these hits, I lose. I give up. If this is what I get for my loyalty , I give up. Thank you for caring sg. I dont even attempt to raid any longer. I win, they come back and you guessed it, lose, lose lose.

You should never reroll looking for lower level opponents… unless they have more cups than you. I find I oftentimes have more success going after higher level teams.

Perhaps that’s just the boards deciding the fight for me? Yeah, I will absolutely agree that the outcome of most raids are highly dependent on the boards themselves. But that’s all the more reason to only go after bigger targets (with more trophies than you have). Because if you lose against them, you only lose a few cups.

Whereas… as pointed out… you take out a lower team, you gain what… 10 cups? Then they come back later and take 50 of yours? Or even worse… you go after them, get a :poop: board and automatically lose 50 cups right off the bat (then what… go in again and risk losing 45 more? nah… not worth).

Ultimately the cup counts don’t really matter much anyway, unless you’re trying to stay in a specific tier for a tiny chance at slightly better loot. Otherwise? Personally, I don’t even really like raids, so I hardly ever do them. That is always a viable alternative. If there is an aspect of the game that you particularly dislike, just don’t do it.

I regularly find myself skipping game things I don’t want to do. Raids? Nah, not in the mood. Tournaments? Nope. Quests with rewards I neither want nor need? Pass.


also in the 3-2 I often have a healer of each color. When one goes there is another ambulance. Costumed Kiril works well with BT

often when I loss and dont think I should have lost, the board is MUCH better on the redo.


Im a C2P player so the majority of my roster are the old school heroes. Will the boards be crap? most likely, will the opponent be higher? Of course. You can be at 2600+ cups on Monday and 2300+ cups on Wednesday, but in the end they’re just cups. I don’t reroll and always get much higher teams in raids, I use raids more as a learning part of the game to try and put together teams to beat these much higher oppenents, no big deal if I lose but happy if I win. You may be suprised when that 4200 team kills a 4700 team.Delete the game if your done with it, but to quit because of one aspect (that you don’t have to play) doesn’t really make sense especially if you put alot of time and tears into the game.


Sounds like you are just bad at raiding lolol. Even with terrible boards i have enough buffer time to take a few enemy rounds of hits and still win. I would guess like 95% of the time I win 5/6 or 6/6 in my raids

Work on different team formations. I find 2-2-1 and 3-2 to be my favorite set ups. Look up which order you should put them in and pay attention to their synergy and speeds.


Thanks for the advice, I will try it.

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I must admit that recently my raids/revenges have been pretty bad. I used to have many wins and even reached 2200 (lvl 38 with 3700 team) at one point but now I’m constantly under 2k.
SG must have noticed i spend less :unamused:

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It really depends on whether you’re trying to earn cups, or fill raid chests. If your main goal is to just fill raid chests, I suggest slightly weakening your defense (cup dropping) and fighting raids in lower tiers where your opponents won’t be so hard to beat.

But if you’re looking to score cups… it’s always dangerous to go after players with fewer cups than you. In that case, I look at how many cups the opponent has vs. how many I have. If they have a lot more than me, I can afford to lose to them 2 out of 3 times… because if I win on the 3rd try, I still end up gaining more cups than I lost.

I’ve had the same experience though even going after teams that I shouldn’t have been able to beat.

I like revenge raids personally. They already took my cups. I now have 3 chances to take them back.

Of course it’s possible that I’ll lose all 3 revenges and end up looking like a fool. But more oftentimes than not…

Someone with a stronger team / many more cups than I have raids me, takes 12 of my cups. I revenge raid them and lose the first attempt, lose 12 more. Revenge a second time, lose again, lose 10 more.

Ouch, right?

Then I revenge a 3rd time, finally get a good board, and take 50+ cups from them.

End result: cup-wise, at least, I win. Even after 3 losses, I still come out 16+ trophies ahead.


If you don’t want to raid, don’t raid. It’s your choice. Just do the map stages and be happy.

Of course, you’ll be missing out on all the resources from the hero chests, but again, that’s your choice.


I was taking my tourney hits last night, and my first board was crap, so I ended up charging the enemy Wu Kong early. The enemy defense team proceeds - with -32% accuracy, to hit with every single attack, about 8 in a row. I lose horribly :stuck_out_tongue:

Next attack, Hu Tao goes off on the defense team, again, terrible board :stuck_out_tongue: so my guys got -40% accuracy. I send 6 tiles at an enemy and all 6 miss :rofl:

The next 3 raids, the boards were immaculate. Just diamonds galore :stuck_out_tongue: so it was a cakewalk.

But, honestly, this is the same it has always been in my experience. Some real ■■■■ matches, followed by some blowouts, and some close, interesting matches here and there where you really get to plan and be careful.

… anyway. It’s clear you’re frustrated. Maybe time for a break. Take a few days and take a step back? ( Or maybe just try to remember, everyone gets the good and bad boards. Either way :stuck_out_tongue: )


Long unsolved problem about this game is not enough skill dependency and way too much rng dependency when it comes to playing against players.

Many suggestions have been made how to change approach to raiding and in general battling other players to make it more up to player to win and not up to RNG.

For instance, I think starting point should be seeing the board BEFORE selecting the heroes.

Now obviously that would favor the attacker a lot as the attacker can now just take strong stack of whatever tiles are on the board and win the game.

But then… maybe nerf color stacking so it does not just instapop heroes.

If that leaves the attacker at mercy of special skills since the defense charges quicker anyway - improve the hero survivability so they don’t just die in case when 2 specials are sent at them.

etc etc every problem can be worked around to seek the general balance after whatever the initial change may be.

I think there’s a lot of potential in this game to update the mechanics to find middleground between making winning raids too easy vs relying on the rng. Problem is there seem to be no desire to do so, as the core mechanics were not updated like ever since I remember (just temporary or event-bound stuff, like new tiles for summer event or rules for tournaments). We only keep getting weekly summon portals.

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@ADDBUTCH : Totally disagree…

being 11 months old in the game, I am still building my teams (4200 TP). When I am filling the raid chest, I play with TP around mine and use food to re-roll, a sacrifice I am open to make. I win 8 out 10 raids.

When not filling raid chest, I play with any team that shows up and use all kinds of teams combo… sometimes upto 500+ TP more… the result is 50%…

I enjoy the game as boards are mixed bag & I don’t look to win all the time…

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