Raids while online

I’m notified that I’m not able to raid a player that is online playing yet I continually get raided while I’m playing the game. Please clarify what is meant by, being online playing, because it doesn’t seem to stop players from raising me when I’m online. Thanks

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You can be attacked at anytime if you’re in top 100. Ifthat’s not the case, not sure what’s happening

Who notified you? Was it from the staff of SGG? In what way? In-game chat?

At any rate, players who ranked in the top 100 are available to be raided, even if online. I guess SGG wants this game to be more dynamic in its rankings. Nothing new here.

I always assume that my opponent started raiding me when I was still offline. When I come online they are still in the middle of the raid. Since the notification that you were raided also takes some time to get processed it makes sense that you sometimes get the notification that you were raided while you play.

They didn’t attacke you when you were online, they attacked you like 5 minutes ago and just finished the raid.

Even more, if you come online while a raid against you is going on, and you go farming or play event or rare quest stages or any stages that take a long time to complete, before that raid is done, you will get the notification about being raided when you return to your base screen, so it might create the impresion that you were raided while online, even if the raid started while you were off line.


That popup telling you that they are online and asking you to reroll or quit raiding.

The game will log you off automatically after some inactivity, even if it’s still open.

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Yeah. My dementia praecox is creeping in me. I totally forgot about that. Darn. Too old for this.

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Oftentimes the system will lag and won’t register a raid from an opponent for a few minutes while you’re online, even though they raided you while you were offline prior. I’ve seen that happen. The Watchtower registers the raid, but the notification lags.

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I’ve heard this explanation many times. Unfortunately, it does not apply to my experience. I literally will play for 30 minutes straight, uninterrupted, using up resources and building heroes abilities - without breaking. During that time I may receive 1 or 2 notifications that I was raided. Usually for a large loss when my trophy count is high.

So, I understand what you are saying, but it’s not the answer to what I’ve been having happen. Lags, I can understand that, but if they take 30 minutes to catch up, that’s suspicious. Doesn’t happen when my trophy count is in the low 2000’s, but happens often when I get up in the 2700 trophy range.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

2700 usually puts you close to the top 100 go check the leaderboard

Top 100 can only be revenged, not rolled and raided while online.

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You had to kill a few teams to get to T100, so that would be consistent with what the OP stated. Someone you raided will come online every now and then, check their watchtower, notify your decent cup ratio and revenge you. Only thing is 2700 won’t get you into T100 even on a slow day. So either the OP is closer to 2800 than 2700, in order to break T100, or that’s not it.

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I am sorry. But this is contrary to what I have experienced. Whenever I get to the top 100, i always rerolled to look for targets that are going to offer me a higher trophy reward if I win. I do notice that those higher than me in the rankings, even if online, is available for attack when I rerolled looking for such targets.

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That’s not how it works.

Feel free to post a video showing you rolling someone online in the top 100.

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I will. Bear with me and I will get back at you.


Sorry. I could not get an online account belonging to the top 100 rankings viable to be attacked after rerolling. That’s strange.

so I’m trying to revenge someone who’s currently globally ranked 78, but can’t because they’re online. but I thought anyone in the top 100 can be revenged any time?

Could be that they are already out of top 100 and only the Player description isn’t updated…


Thanks, I figured it was just a delay. though this person was in top 100 already 40 minutes ago and still could not revenge, so was curious if things had changed.

Update: they’re rank 77 now but revenge is available. :slight_smile:

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