Raids while I'm online

I’m starting to get raided while I’m playing. How is this possible. I can’t attack others while they are online. What is going on?

Actually the notification could be lazier sometimes, nothing is wrong. And sometimes an opponent attacked you just before you are online. And the result will come a little later.

You can suffer revenges if you are at top 100 even if you are online.
You can check here.

It happens sometimes if a raid was started just before you log in and ends whilst you’re online it appears that you’ve been raided whilst online but in actual fact the raid was started before you came online.

Here’s one to add to “fairly false forum facts” - if someone is in the process of raiding you when you log in, you are more likely to win the raid. :grin:

My personal experience at least. Log on, see +/- cups based on 4 or 5 people raiding me. Meh, okay. 2-3 minutes later, got “raided” again and someone just gave me 30 cups. Guess I spooked them when I logged on. :laughing:

Same here!! Having the same thing happen.

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