Raids, when on

More and more often now, being raided by someone when in middle of doing lvls, sign in collect items, no raid notifications lvl up hero’s do a lvl been raided in last 2mins notification when done, meaning it was done when I’m on, or come on get been raided notification for 2 raids 1hr ago, collect items, do revenge raids on 3 raids, get another notification for being raided in last 4min

I think this is probably the same issue discussed here:

Ya it’s happening more and more with each of the last 5 updates

I’ve been having the same issue here and there. The last resolution for it was in September of 2018. @Rook do you know if they are working in this?

I do not. But I will ask. :slight_smile:

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And again, when doing lvls too wait the last 5min of the titan out, get raided when on

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