Raids what the hell

I have no idea what’s going on but what the hell??? I can’t win against anyone??? Who’s driving this ship??? Anyone???

And yes I do look at the players, and yes they are smaller then me … and yes I’m revenge it’s as bad…

Since the last up grade what’s going on??? Our team has (in war ) had ‘issues ‘ .

Is this happening elsewhere???

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What teams are you using? What opponents are you going against? What cup range? And what heros do you have to choose from?

If you could provide screenshots of those things, it would make advice much easier

Thank you


I fully agree, I was beaten by a team with 1124 points when my team was 2598… I revenged them in 6 moves but how did they manage to beat me. Everyone in my alliance has mentioned the raids are horrendous as well. Apart from raids we are getting massively outclassed in alliance war as well. Many who love the game are saying that it is becoming frustrating to the point of leaving.

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How can you possibly know the composition of the team that beat you? What you see is only the opponent’s defense team.

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Forgot to say, the trophies were around the same (within 500 of each other). The alliance war, the last 6 have been unwinnable with the majority of the other team with teams well into 3000 points whereas we only have 2 over 3000 points and the rest ranging around the 2400-2800 point mark with a couple of low level players. We play well as a team and always attack Titans.

Which is why they should have a replay button so you can see the match

Ok but you accept that you are most certainly wrong, right? It’s unlikely that the team that attacked you was their defense team… So what’s the complaint??

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“Clipped by a cup dropper” is the technical phrase.

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