Raids,, waste of time, no?

I’m a relative noob.

But the raids seem a Complete waste of time.

The opponents that I have to go up against are vastly superior to me by almost double my level.

Is this the same for others or am I doing something wrong?

There are lots of threads on the forum about raids - probably dozens. If you want to get a feel for players’ thoughts, search around.

I think that many people agree with you completely: they dislike the raiding system and find the whole process a waste of time. These people tend to field a poor defensive team so their trophies stay low and thus they can complete the daily raiding Wanted Mission as easily as possible.

Personally, I like the raiding system. To me, it is the essence of the game after one has completed the map (a mid-game achievement). I do not see why one would bother doing anything to get new heroes and ascension materials, except to make one’s team better for raiding. It seems a waste of time to improve your team just for the sake of improving it.

Mind you, we’re just playing a mobile game, so from a certain perspective the whole thing is a waste of time, right? Just do what is fun for you.

Threads around here also include quite a lot of discussion of the raid matchmaking process. I won’t try to summarise it here except to say that if you find you’re being matched against teams that you think are a lot better than you, then it probably means you are good at raiding. Read around if you want to know more.


There are four possible reasons to raid; not all need apply to you:

  1. Complete Heroes Wanted missions. Kill 40 heroes in raids and collect a prize, sometimes a very nice prize.
  2. Scrounge resources. It’s possible to get 50k-200k each of food and iron from a set of raid flags, which can be really helpful (at least at lower levels)
  3. Trophies. Some alliances care about their overall ranking, which includes the sum of all members’ trophies. Some people just like the bragging rights of having high trophies.
  4. Fun. Think about each offered raid pairing as a puzzle: can you see a way to beat this team?

The “fun” aspect for me didn’t start until I developed a deep enough bench of heroes to make strategic adjustments in who I brought into a raid.


There’s an unfortunate lag in raiding being reasonable/achievable as a new player - I felt that I needed to level up quite a bit before I could actually raid successfully as a new player.



I developed my pool of heroes and then proceed to always click too fast and never remember to swap them so I attack every team with the same crew anyway :woman_shrugging:


This is what I mean.

I going to lose obviously

Yup. You need to level heros to have a chance. Raiding atbthe beginning is hard untilnyou level some heros andbdraw some 3*
Tip dont level 1* heros at all. There is no point.


I don’t know how many players there’s in this game right now, your ranking say over 1 million on 35 cups, but behind you may be a lot more.
So let’s say 2 millions accounts.

First ranked player is around 3000 cups, so betweeen 0 and 3000 cups there’s 2 million people.

Of that 2 million people mostly are casual players, so in lower ranking you find the most amount of people.

I know that be paired with someone so much stronger it’s just ridiculus, but it is just a phase.

Luckily for me and many others, raiding when we where newbies were much more easy because that was not so many people around, and ascending a complete 5* rainbow team it was just a mere dream (yes, a bit nostalgic).

What i want to say is: for many raiding it’s the most annoying thing even after, but right now just let it be.
When you gain and level a decent team the mismatching drop drastically.


The only reason I leveled up the one star ls because her special ability is healing, and believe me, she’s indespensibe right now.

Plus, I had to level up some players, and so far I havent got one of her colours that has better ability

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2 main reason for me to raid, 1 complete chests for loot 2 food my base is only lv12 still building, most of my food came from raids you can always reroll for a easier fight

Personally I abandoned raiding after lvl 4 until I got to at least lvl 17/18. If I feel it’s a total lost cause, I can re-roll now without depleting my food stores, plus my 4*'s were a high enough lvl by that point for me to start winning a bit more regularly. My current raid team is better as defence, though I have two newish 4*s that I’m working on levelling so I can finally improve my attack team.

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What is a waste of time imo is trying to climb the cup ladder at the expense of easier raids.

I get as much if not more food from raiding than I do from my lvl 12 farms.

For now, do it to complete your 40 kill chest, later, when you have a stronger team you can concentrate on winning cups.

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To be fair, gaming is a waste of time other than our unquenchable thirst for a dopamine surge :wink:


You might also want to look up information on making your own 3* at the lvl 12 and 13 Training Camps. That started opening some possibilities for me. :slight_smile:

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Yes im starting to build up more heroes for raids now. It takes some time but once I get them leveled up I can join in on the fun!!

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