Raids: Wager/Odds System

What about a raid system that takes whatever probability system they use and turn it into odds and have the player wager trophies, with a minimum and maximum wager listed along with payout for actual wager? This would allow the players to better control how much they lose, as well as cap losers/ winnings with min and max wagers. Want to raid a ridiculously lower power team? You have odds at a premium, 1:3 for example. If you revenge, you get odds based on the team you field and you make a wager as well. Don’t want to do raids or play for smaller stakes? That control is at your fingertips.

The probability calculations are often flawed. If I raid a team with +11/-50, there is supposedly an 82% chance I win. However, if that team totally annihilates you in like 10 or 11 moves, obviously the probability calculated is way off.

Do I care about trophies? A little if I ever decide to change alliances. However, raids are good practice for war and helping new players learn the game better. If they constantly get hammered by teams that the probability says they should be winning, it could discourage some people from continuing to play. I know we’ve lost at least 4 people in the last 6 months because of this. They get tired of spending money when they get clobbered constantly.

I just want to find a way that we players get better control over the trophy counts wagered in each raid. If people get upset or frustrated, they can play for lower trophy wagers. It allows the player a little more decision making and also levels the field a little since the odds are based on the actual team being fielded for the raid or revenge.

Thanks for considering and I’d appreciate any CREATIVE criticism.

This is more or less what already is done… The attacker is the one who wagers their trophies against the opponent & who accept the qager. Computer just does it automatically for the defence team based on the current number of trophies each player holds.

That’s not how the +11/-50 works…
It’s based on a comparison of the trophy count at that time… If you have >> trophies then them, it results in the high possible loss. If you have << trophies then them, it gives the high possible trophy gain. Of both sides have ~= trophies, it’s about +30/-30
Got nothing to do with the liklihood of winning or losing… That’s on you in the heroes you take, their synergy, how they match up against the defence team and of course RNG.

Finally, I have a question.
Why do trophies matter? Once your in a raid bracket there is no difference…

Also there is the reroll button which gives players complete control as to the trophies wagered… You don’t have to attack the first person you’re matched with…

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