Raids - View Attacking Team Roster (including the team that attacked)

Bump for great suggestion! Need votes!

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Bumping for more attention again. This idea is gold and would be far easier to implement than any video replay. Instead of wondering why your defense flounders, you’d have an idea of what caused it to do so.

Perhaps instead of showing their current defense when clicking on their profile in the watchtower, you would see the team that beat you. Similarly, clicking on the raids you successfully repelled the attackers would show the same. You may need to put in bold somewhere that this is NOT their current defense.

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Completely agree… Would only add that I would like to see the health remaining of my team for a victory as well. Think that could be added to the raid details/ log in the Watchtower…just a thought, but would be nice…:slight_smile:

Considering the current debate about color-stacking, it would be interesting to see whether players’ defenses are being defeated by mono teams or 3/2 teams.

The actual attack team (including heros and troops used), is very important. Seeing the def team from the team that raided you is ONLY useful if you are going to revenge them. Knowing WHO attacked you, to better work on your defense team (or to learn different strategies against a team similar to yours, both what worked and did not work), can only be learned by seeing who attacked you and won, or lost.

Not asking for a full play back (but that would be VERY cool), just a way to see the starting line up.

SAME could be said about wars. Having some way to see the team that attacked, and failed to kill you, or that attacked your good team and ‘one shot’ you, would be very helpful.

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You can pretty much figure out what killed your defense team by thinking about what you would use to beat your defense team

When i see vids of players beating my team, i typically have an idea of who they used before i even watch it, sometimes I’m surprised but not very often

I voted for this, but I don’t have much faith in it.

The developers would only bring problems to themselves, because everyone would want to know how it’s possible that their 4200 tp team got wasted by 3700 tp attacker. It wouldn bring more complains than understanding. I think in a way the developers are saving their own behinds by not showing us the teams.

You do make a great point how there would be much complaint! Showing replays might demonstrate HOW lower TP teams get the win, but complains would persist

Since I started something similar to this topic (and it get closed and merged into this one). I will vote here on this one. As most have come to believe, I would love to see SG add this, but will NOT hold my breath. I am really much more for a ‘raid training camp’ that would be shared between alliance members, to use (energy and loot free), so that alliance members could help each other to build better teams. But having a display of attack team, the ending results (or better yet playback), would also be a step in that direction allowing you the information to build better teams, and team order.

While I can retaliate against someone who raided me with a Revenge Attack, this only shows their defense team, and does not show me the heroes/lineup used to defeat my raid defense team.

It would be really informative if I could examine the raiding party’s heroes and formation. This would allow me to observe weaknesses and vulnerabilities on my side.

Could we possibly include a screenshot of the raiding team in the raid results page?

It actually should not be much of an effort to show a “replay”.
Besides making raids (being raided) and AW much more attractive, this would maybe also silence some of the "oh they had to be cheating to beat me"s.

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I don’t have a strong opinion on seeing the attacking team or not but I would love to see fewer ‘I shouldn’t be beaten, why do I lose cups’ threads…

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Well, and don’t forget the possibility to then also be able to follow your aliance comrades fights in AW.
If then even the matching is good and the fight thus rather close, then that might even make you forget the loot waiting for the winner.

Indeed. I think all they would need to store server-side is the attack/defense teams, the RNG seed value used for the battle, and the list of the attacker’s actions. Everything else about the replay should be able to be recreated client-side from that information.

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Exactly. You could even save all the RNG results instead of the seed. Nowadays that wouldn’t change much, neither in storage, nor in bandwidth.

At least slow us to see the team that was used to beat our defense. When you click on a player that raided our defense we only get to see the players set defense, not the team that beat our defense.
It would be nice if we could see both. The opponents base defense and their attacking team that beat our defense.

It is not our business to think if it is to complicated or produce to much traffic…

I’m playing a card game where the complete fights are watchable.

There are also animations etc.

I would be very pleased to see why my defense struggle or why it works better…

That I agree with whole heartedly 100%.
I quite often wonder what type of team was used to beat me.

I would suggest that for raids as well.
Having at least the attacking team used displayed much like their defense team is a fantastic idea.

With All due respect @Rook this suggestion should be a new thread/topic as it is different to the live view.

@Psychawk, @Ozy1 it turns out there’s an existing proposal for this idea already. I’ve merged your posts in here so as not to dilute support for the idea.

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