Raids - View Attacking Team Roster (including the team that attacked)

It would help me (and most likely other players) to understand our defense team weaknesses/shortcomings if we could see the hero roster of the teams that raided us.
Yes, we can see the defense team before we take revenge, but my defense team is fairly static and my attack roster can vary by opponent. Many players have very different attack and defense teams.
It would be great to know what heroes I am constantly losing to in raids while I am asleep and be able to adapt to those patterns.

This idea is not the same as: viewing player teams:


I would like to see this as well. I would add that it would be good to see how many enemy heroes where left alive at what health level as well to understand not just who we are loosing to but by how much. Right now it is a complete unknown.


Someone a while back requested the ability to watch a replay of their defense raids. While I admit this would be an interesting feature, I’m just not sure if it’s realistic to expect. I can imagine the replays would require significant server storage.


Not really. You only have to remember the tile layout and the series of replacements and moves + outcomes (a few k of data per ‘replay’). If someone wants to watch ‘their video’ it’s just a case or re-playing using the game mechanics and the stored data. You don’t actually have to store ‘screen capture’ style videos.

If you only keep this recording for a limited time (24 hours) then you only need a static amount of server space to keep it, then it will roll.

So a few k of data over even a million matches in a 24 hour period is only a few Gb at most. Paltry space requirement.


I’d definitely want to know when a team way below me in power managed to kill me- I think it can help add to defensive strategy to re-watch and determine whether positioning alone could have helped you.


I like this idea by the OP.
I like the idea of being able to see a replay of the encounter even more… and I think it is practical, as per my post above.


Good point that actual video files wouldn’t necessarily be needed, and instead the battle outcome data could be fed into a function that simulates normal gameplay, as needed.


I agree with @Little_Infinity that you could do tihe entire replay in a space efficient way. That said I think it would be a great first step to just get the end results— which heroes started, which were left and how much health was left in their health bar. This could be recorded in the watchtower list that records your raids. It would be a trivial amount of data and it would expire just like the current raid/revenge list expires.


Yes - agree with @CJM. Easy to implement. Low amount of storage. Helpful and interesting to players.

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The OP’s idea is even simpler and easier, and would be interesting and helpful. Sure, not as good as seeing the whole replay, but a good start.

Like the overall idea. I can live without a replay. Do not know if play action would be that helpful because of the AI and sheer luck factor. A picture of the end, as suggested, who is left and how healthy, as well as the starting lineup would suffice for me.

A related question:
When a defense team is arranged by the player, do the heroes stay in that pattern or does computer rearrange them? Anyone ever confirm this?

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When I beat a team with double my ratings it is because of sheer luck over strategy, but strategery still helps. Notice a lot of Bane in the back corner, (do players do this, or computer?) tough to get at, so now I ignore him and double up on the point character.

Best matches are when I get ticked off and don’t care. Won some quite dramatic ones that, quite frankly, were purely stupid.

They stay where you set them, too much strategy involved to shuffle them

As @MantisToboggan says, they stay in order. Which is absolute essential, because the order matters a lot. For example, if two or more heroes have a special ready to fire, the AI fires them all, working left to right. So, e.g., you should put Alberich far left so that he can resurrect dead allies, who might have charged specials that will then fire. Likewise, Jackal should be left of other yellow hitters to soften up a target (same with all defense debuffers).

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I woke up this morning having been raided a dozen times and losing a bunch of cups… The revenged almost all of them successfully… And easily.

The AI doesn’t use nearly the strategy that I use and seems to have little ryhme or reason to their target. Yes, I know they fire Left to Right, but who do they target under what criteria?

Although I like the idea of replays, I think that too much of the game is luck of the draw- it wouldn’t do me as much good to see how I was beaten as it would to see what heroes beat me… Knowing how close it was might help me tweak my lineup, so maybe if you see the attacking teams roster the defeated heroes could be greyed out like when they die in combat.

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Don’t assume that the defense team is the same as the team used to attack you. Players with deep benches often assemble custom attack teams based on the raid defense team.

It to your main point, yes. The AI isn’t as good as a good player. Probably a good thing or we’d never finish the challenge events!


Yep… That’s the reason I originally suggested this… But you present another issue-Maybe raids would be a bit fairer if you couldn’t see the defense team at all- then you would only be able to change up your team after the fact for a rematch.

Why would not seing the team you want to attack be more fair? Maybe I’m not understanding the problem.

Sorry… Was brainstorming. My original thought was to see the roster of the team that actually attacked instead of just the defense team.


That idea I get behind fully and completely. It would be interesting to see how others beat you.

Now we are “forced” to record it ourselves, join groups and share the videos.

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