RAIDS - too much depended on good/bad board

I feel like raids are too depended on initial board. Can you make specials before enemy does? if not, you are basically in most cases already too much behind.

Damaging specials hits too hard for HP heroes have…

I dont think one special should take down a LEGENDARY HERO ? (or barely survive).

Bad/good boards effect could be reduced if hit points of champions would get doubled and healing would be reduced by 50% (not mine idea, but it reasonate with me most, so I would like to give it a bit more push).

This is mostly noticable only in raids and wars, so other parts of game dont need to be touched.

Basic general vision to me would be if legendary sniper shoots special at :

  • rare (3* hero get 1 shotted (some) or ( most) barely survives)
  • epic (4* hero requires 2 specials or 1 and half)
  • legendary (5* star requires 2,5 or 3 specials )

This would give reduce effect of bad boards or games where you completely dominate, and give you some more time for strategy.

Your thoughts?

I mean, it’s the same for every aspect of the game really. Wars, raids, titans, events - your scoring all depends on how quickly/efficiently you kill which depends on the board.

The defending team having increased mana speed/damage is fair in my opinion. They don’t have control over which heroes they hit, what special to fire and when, and they don’t have the ability to change their team to be better suited to killing yours. Wars can be annoying, but it’s part of the game - and the opposing team has to deal with the same things when attacking you.

No doubt… I would just like to have extra room, so you can actually PLAY and strategize and not be so significantly depended off board setup. It would still stay same for enemy, since they would have increased hp as well…

Bad boards would still punish you, but this way, would leave you some turns more…And good boards wouldnt mean sure victory

This is the main thing you have to think about when you select your heroes for the attack.

Always expect the enemy to shoot first and bring a team on the table that will resist and has the power to win the raid. If your tactic is to take the tank down before he hits first, you are always reliant to a good board.

If strategy is what you’re looking for, a match 3 puzzle game may not be the best place for that. I love this game, but strategy wise it will never come near the level of good RTS games and such. The board and it’s randomness play a major role.

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