Raids "to play or not to play"


Most recently i have thrown my phone across the room out of frustration with these !#$%&?.. Raids.
I just lost 5 out of 6 raids that i should have won (or at least had a better shot than i did. I just don’t understand how i can’t get a combo to save my life nor can i get any of the color for my healer and because of the crap tiles that i get my heroes are all dead before i can even use their special power. My opponent on the other hand seems that every hero on their team is firing away with special powers after two turns. This is the way 5 out of 6 raids went for me this morning, that’s bull…! and has me wanting to uninstall this game.


Hello Tkrasky,

The boards are just a question of luck.

Some days I’m able to defeat anyone, even players a lot more power than me. Other days, I’m not able to win any raids.

I agree with you, it’s frustrating. But as the boards are random, we can’t do anything about it.


I find raids frustrating too. It lessens (a bit) with a better team, until you come up against the 5* opponents.

It may reduce frustration a bit knowing some of the mechanics:

  • The opponents do not play on the same basis as you do. They have an algorithm (with some randomness thrown in) to determine their hit rate. Sometimes you are unlucky to face an opponent that has a high hit rate.
  • The act of you hitting them fills them with mana. You need to plan around this with some of the strategies below…

Some strategies:

  • Avoid too many horizontal tile attacks as you then fill multiple opponents’ mana.
  • Try avoid filling mana of the more dangerous heroes in the opponents team (within your ability to do so given the tiles).
  • When you have killed 1 or 2, it may be better to aim for the gaps to charge your mana without giving the opponent any.
  • Focus on taking down individual members of the opponents team to open some of the gaps mentioned above.

Hell, it will still be frustrating, but knowing the mechanism may help.

(I am amazed that the player community seems to either like, or accept the frustration of raids. It’s bizarre.)

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Thank you for the assist :blush: