Raids - that annoying second hit

I suspect this function has always been this way and that it’s only now that it’s frustrating me. In raids, I’m often losing heroes to a second hit from an enemy who fires a special and then, in the same move, fires a second “normal” hit.

I guess this is in line with me being able to fire a special and then send a group of tiles of the same colour in one move.

But it’s still annoying! You think you’ve survived the special, only to have the little “rabbit punch to the kidneys” take out your hero. And of course, it’s ALWAYS a hero with full manna that you need to fire to survive or win.

I’m not complaining and I don’t think it’s a bug. Just hoping that a frustration shared ends up being a frustration halved!

I so know that pain! It’s all luck of the board, but still frustrating. Those are the times I’ll remember when a cascade went off that destroyed the opposing side :slight_smile:

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But then you have to look out for those times when the dumb AI has you on the ropes and leaves your healer with a tiny smidgen of health, you ghost a tile or two and Bang! Everyone is fighting fit and back in the game!

By coincidence, I’ve just penned a thread on ideas for the AI here:


So true! That’s my coping mechanism too. But i swear that the ‘rabbit punch’ is more common than the wipeout cascade. Lol

Yep! I live for those healer moments, and thankfully they are pretty common. Heading iver to your thread now

Seems to be happening a LOT more since the last update (the one before today’s). I’m getting wrecked by inferior teams far more often. And it’s been noticeably harder to reroll for favorable matchups, too. I’m going like 20 or 30 rolls getting nothing but higher level, higher ranked teams. And when I do get a lower team, I’m still getting killed half the time. Could be just a bad streak, but the last couple of days have been extremely frustrating completing those hero challenges – and then getting one gem for my troubles.

I don’t believe this has ever happened to me. In fact, I sometimes charge a defender with an indirect power (spirit link, whatever the Wu Kong special is called …) just to trigger their special and delay their basic one round.

Are you sure it’s not a minion attacking? Minions attack every round, whatever their heroes do.

Is this specific to raids, and not happening on the map? (I imagine I might have missed that, except Wu Kong is not on the map, is he? Specific to raids, and not even happening in wars?)

Otherwise, I’m not sure what’s going on. (Difference between Android and iOS?)

Anyone have a recording of this?

I only attack teams stronger than mine, and often win, sometimes fail spectacularly. And I’m raiding in the Top 1000, often in the Top 100 :slight_smile:

Thats indeed annoying, this is why i pick battle that is possible and worth it (worth a lot of trophies). I win often or fail so hard because of no luck or bad plateau or the ennemies always harming the weakest everytime. The ways ennemy is attacking is not random. A bit unfair.

Definitely not minions.

I think I’ve only noticed it recently because it’s resulted in some kills. And I don’t think it’s other heroes because you can see the animation.

It only happens in Raids, or I should say, I’ve only noticed it in Raids. Will keep an eye out for it on the Map.

I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference since the update. I experience the same difficulty finding matches as you, but i put that down to being mid-platinum and therefore being matched with high platinum and maybe even lower diamond teams a lot

@Missy1965 @Jgmc2 i also try to raid highe teams for better trophy return. Usually 30+, and preferably 40+. As you say, it means the fails are sometimes spectacular!

Ok, you really have to help me here. When does this happen? You do mean that an enemy hero in raid fires a special skill, and then - immediately - performes a normal attack?

When I first read this, I didn’t recognize this mechanics, and after doing several test raids, I still don’t. Am I looking for it under the wrong circumstances? I’ve tried to charge and force enemy heroes to fire their special when they were about to attack during the next turn (showing the ‘1’ on the attack counter), but the only thing happening is that they fire their special, and the normal attack is performed the next round. How do I reproduce what you’re referring to?

Yes. You have described it correctly. They’ll have 1 showng on theit attack counter, the special charges and both fire on the same round. When the special and extra hit happen their attack counter resets to 2 or 3

I don’t know how to reproduce. I only noticed it recently after i had a couple of heroes killed this way

I play on an iPad

If you could record this happening it would be great. Or try to take notice of the circumstances, and which heroes.

The likelihood of recording it is low, but will defintely take note of heroes when it happens