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I’m not certain if this is a bug or if I missed an announcement. I’ll start by saying I understand it’s the weekend & the holidays are upon us so whenever someone can help I appreciate it :blush:
Ok so here’s what I’ve recently experienced. I had appx 1500+ trophies. I played my game as usual but noticed something changed.
I got up this morning & throughout the day, noticed I’ve lost around 400 trophies from raiders that should not have been able to beat me. I was able to revenge & win many of them. That said, I went to my “Raid” & clicked it. On the first screen it showed team #5 but when I clicked “find opponent” it changed to team #1 which is the team I use normally. So what changed that team 5 keeps coming up? Are all those raiding me going against team 1 or 5? I don’t know how it changed but somehow it did & now I’m losing more than winning & cant seem to catch up. I’m also, now, being placed to raid against those that are much lower levels than my main team & I don’t want to appear as a bully. Can someone help please? Thank you :blush:

Double check which team has the “Defense Team” highlighted underneath it…that is the team that raids will be matched against.


Thank you Slingbow, I checked. The first team says “defense” and the second team (my 5th team) says “attack”. They both use to be the same. How do I change it?

I figured out how to change it. Thank you so much for your help @Slingbow :blush:

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