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Had a couple of ideas for and apologize if they’ve been suggested before. I actually like raids because they get you practice for war.

  1. Make anyone doing revenge use the same team they out up for defense. Very tired of raiding teams that -150 to +200 in power to mine and they revenge with a different team because I put up a strong team, but they changed from what was advertised when you search for an opponent. In war, that battle stands. The defense team has the AI fighting for it, so their defense team can target whichever hero they choose. I tracked my war battles and raids over a 4 month period. If I only fielded 1 healer, that hero died first 76% of the time and 1st or 2nd 81% of the time. If I fielded 2 healers, the first one to die is reduced to 41% of the time and 1st or 2nd to die is 57%. For the two healers to die first and second, this occurred about 32%. Shows a clear bias by the AI against raider’s healer(s). In war, it won’t allow you to change defense team once war has started, why should raids allow it on revenge?

  2. Have the team being raided the same increase in manna generation as the raider. I notice heroes like Vivica, Cyprian, or Righard on the raided teams are spinning their special skill every 3rd or 4th turn. However, in one instant I had Righard and Cyprian on my raiding team and very few purple tiles coming up, so my guys were getting their special skill. The other team had one purple with average generation and another with slow, but their special skill was used was 4 times to my one. Vivica was used once and the other team had Vivica as well. Same situation: AI used her special skill 3 times to my 1.

  3. Not sure how the powers are calculated, but I’ve had several teams very close to me in power and some had 2 3*'s to my team of mostly 5*'s. We are quite equal in troops and they have 250 more trophies than me. When we fight, they slice through my team like a hot knife through butter. They win anywhere from 40- 50 trophies with those numbers. Either the power calculation is hinky or the AI at times is set to do everything at certain times to win and balance out your trophy count. I’d appreciate if someone could explain this. I know that the +/- numbers are done using some probability scale, but seems weird that you being such a huge favorite by the probability that you’d lose in line 7-8 moves.


Strong objection about first proposition. Revenge is about strategy, so you can adjust your team accordingly. You defense got bunch of healers? Well, I’ll go with vampires, sand empire heroes and perseus. War is more like endurance run.
Second point will require a completely different approach. There are a match-3 games, where both teams move tiles. That can work, but that’ll be a totally different game. Once again, field is very much random, so stuff happen. sometimes tiles just want you to lose. No big deal, it’s a game.
Third point is like measuring a usefulness of a toolbox by its weight. You can put some heavy hammers in that, but that’s no point, if you need pliers.

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As a cup dropper myself, I am against this idea :rofl:

That is not possible because they have different way of generating mana.

Raider generate mana by puzzle, each puzzle equal to 1 bar (can be increased by mana troops or skills).

Meanwhile defender generate mana by 0.8 bar per turn and also by getting attacked by puzzle (each puzzle equal to 0.5 [do I remember this correctly?] bar in the first combo but then decrease exponentially in the following combos).

The bar equirement is:
6.5 bar for Very Fast
8 for Fast
10 for Average
12 for Slow
13.5 for Very Slow

While defender have two ways of generating mana, the attacker can use ghosting technique to double mana generation (throw puzzles to empty space where the defending hero die). Utilizing technique is best via stacking against the tank to kill it faster and then ghosting using the middle hole left by the tank. If you use it successfuly you will find yourself firing significantly faster than them.

Emblems cause hero even from the same star and level can have power difference.

In the case you mentioned, it has 2 weak heroes and 3 super strong heroes. Team like that are very hard to beat especially if the super strong heroes are located in the middle, this is a kind of trap team that hard to beat even with team that have the same power. This is because hero power is actually exponential in the calculation, hero that have 2x power is actually around 2 × 2^1.35 × 2^1.35 stronger.

This is an issue in the early tournaments that is now prevented by changing the matching system from using defense team to best 5 heroes.

I cannot find any unflaggable words to this idea…

P.S. The trophies are not a real thing, you know… Do not provide you more money, health or intelligence. In the game, 2400 or 3000 are absolutely the same regarding rewards. And definitely SG doesn’t build statues for the players with a lots of trophies :wink:

Just enjoy raiding and try to beat those tough teams. But first, learn to beat those tough teams. Over and out.


If cups don’t matter in the match, then why when I/a on the short end of cupping it appears that the opponent has an advantage? I am assuming that the individual player rank that is made from XP does make a difference. I’m at 59 and those at 70 walk over me even if our teams pt appears balanced

Did I say cup didn’t matter? Maybe you mistook me for @Scarecrow?

Anyway, as a cup dropper I always drop my trophy to low diamond (2400) that way I can get easier opponent (below 4200 TP) so I can fill my chest easily.

For me that is the importance of cup, not higher the better, but just at the right number of cup where I can get easy opponent but I can also open my raid chest in the highest league.

What matters in raid is not cup or account level but team composition. I can easily take down a team with Kunchen tank with 4200 (I have previously did it against 4600, notice that my opponent’s level is far above me) power with a team of: Vivica - Joon - Sonya+18 - Ariel - Wu Kong+18 even though my team only have 3990 power and my cup/level is below my opponent.

The key is stacking against the tank and bring heroes that counter their skill. In my case I bring 3 yellow against Kunchen who is a purple tank. I also bring Viviva and Ariel to cleanse my team from Kunchen’s ailment.

Using stacking, you can walk over them even if their team is stronger than your team.

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I only brought the healer stats because on another thread someone had tried to make the claim that the attack from the AI is completely random. As these stats show, it is very easy to call BS on that claim

Well, that one is false claim as the developer themself said it is not random.

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