Raids Suck


Look onto the board. Can u see how many reds and where are they? And that stay for 3 more rounds


You already matched all the reds.


Hahaha. I wished. That Kashrek life gine half because of my Sartana fight. And look I had my Sartana mana filled half because there is a lot purple on the board esp in the middle but no reds


I blame everything on Kashrek. I hate Kasrek :persevere:


Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the best way to have RED combination is to NOT DO red combinations. You might have tried too hard to align red tiles and the one you used were not replaced by other red tiles. It happens.

I’m sure everyone had experiences like yours (I had).


I totally agree, I very carefully doublestacked purple against the 8 star rare yellow titan we are currently fighting. Terrible results.

Finally I just used my regular, strong rainbow team and got better results.

Mind you, I fought the whole last minute with just Marjana and gems :rofl:


Boards are random. Sometimes we just notice the best/worse.