Raids Suck


Look onto the board. Can u see how many reds and where are they? And that stay for 3 more rounds


You already matched all the reds.


Hahaha. I wished. That Kashrek life gine half because of my Sartana fight. And look I had my Sartana mana filled half because there is a lot purple on the board esp in the middle but no reds


I blame everything on Kashrek. I hate Kasrek :persevere:


Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the best way to have RED combination is to NOT DO red combinations. You might have tried too hard to align red tiles and the one you used were not replaced by other red tiles. It happens.

I’m sure everyone had experiences like yours (I had).


I totally agree, I very carefully doublestacked purple against the 8 star rare yellow titan we are currently fighting. Terrible results.

Finally I just used my regular, strong rainbow team and got better results.

Mind you, I fought the whole last minute with just Marjana and gems :rofl:


Boards are random. Sometimes we just notice the best/worse.


My problem with the system is someone who has fewer trophies than me but has more much more power like 5 max 5*, I lose more points 40 to 50 trophies because they have fewer trophies… That is what is unfair to me.

Rigged Raids and Other Game Flaws the Devs Will Continue to Ignore

If you’re losing that many trophies, reroll for a different target.


Offline for 5 minutes and raided 12 times, - 350 trophies!? I checking the last that had raided me (-50 trophies) , and that was just 1 minute before I went back online… He had 200 trophies more than me… So how the heck could he raid me for 50 trophies?!
And also, how the f**** can I revenge that raid when my tp max out at 3600 while he has over 4100tp!?
Just pay me back the money I spent on this game and I will change to another game that has at least some kind of fairness in its systems!!!

Maybe it’s time to bring SG to the authorities, especially since it looks like it’s possible to get this game banned in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and other countries that have strict laws against gambling… Just ask the DEV’s of World of Tanks… They had to change their approach as some parts of their promotions were deemed as gambling in Indonesia and Thailand, it almost got them banned/blocked (in Thailand WoT was blocked for a day or two…), so they were quick to change these promotions on the SEA servers!


Tell us how you really feel!


Maybe they want you to buy raiding shields :wink:


Like this:

Mind you that I only have a 3372K team against a 4065K team…
I would love to have a 3600 team!


I’m very disappointed with this game at the moment I can’t win when I raid someone but when someone else raids me I still lose, it makes the game not fun anymore


ever read this?


I’ve lost over 500 cups in two days


I can’t win not even a single raid anymore. The last 2 days every time I try to raid someone 1) my troops (lvl 8-10) don’t do damage to the enemy as if they were lvl 1. 2) The mana of my heroes fills up sooooo slowly and as a result my heroes never get a chance to fire their skill meanwhile the opposite team, strikes very fast. 3) I don’t get not even one combo. 4) I can’t win when I raid but I lose all the time when someone else attacks me. Even if his team is less powerful than mine. I think something is wrong here and I think that the developers of the game will do something to fix it. I spent a respectable amount of money to this game and all I’m asking is to be fair not only to me but also to all the players. Sorry for my English. It’s not my mother language :blush:


@PJPJ - To your point, how is this even possible?.. I understand it’s about strategy. However, strategy shouldn’t account for a 700 point difference. Good luck moving forward… :slight_smile:



(s)he is level 38 and has 4* troops at level 9. He teased you. I look at lvl of the team first over team power, I can’t see your troops but I bet they aren’t that strong.


Raids are totally upside down, answer phone spend a good while get raided they take 39 cups you go back revenge get 19 back ,st loss 20 please set time out to 1/2 hour or more, make raiding optional. Thanks