Raids Suck


You do not have to open the chest. Gryphonkit, my wife, leaves it closed if RNG is bad to her 4-1 team. Then opens it it Diamond.

While I boycott Tourneys, she uses them to help fill her chest. She almost has two rainbow 3*+19 teams which helps with the current 75g to continue.


Thank you Gryphonknight for the tip. I been doing that. I end up using extra 1-3 raid flags to bounce back up to diamond. If it is so far off, I just go with the platinum for the sake of being efficient with the reset time. Cheers.

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Yeah, raids suck. The point is to figure out why and then figure out how to counteract that.

You have no control over what happens to your defense once you set it up. That being the case, don’t worry about it. You (and me, and everyone else) WILL lose on defense. You will drop cups, sometimes many, many cups.

This thread talks about losing 300 to 500 cups within a half hour offline.

Some kind of record!

On attack, things are changing as emblems are being used more, especially on 4* heroes. That disrupts things as fighting the same heroes now produces different results. I have fought a BT with 11 emblems who revived on me 5 times in a row. That is 5 moves I need to worry about him not recovering health and the other heroes I’m facing charging up on me.

I go through periods where RNG gives me great boards and I go through periods where RNG gives me boards that go nowhere. A diamond in an off-colour that is replaced entirely with more off-colour gems doesn’t help me at all. It does however charge up the defense to knock me out. I hit these whether filling the chest or not, although in general I don’t bother to raid unless I’m filling the chest. I will if I’m just below diamond to get above for opening the chest. When boards are bad I just stop raiding for a while and try again later.


There’s nothing wrong with the game.

If players are terrible at raiding, they need to learn how to get better at the game, and they need to continue to find stronger heroes and to level them up. There’s lots of guides, and lots of videos. Search for them. Invest the time reading and watching. And keep playing, practicing, farming, and growing your heroes. It’s entirely up to your own control. Perhaps patience is also in need of strengthening.

That’s the cold hard truth.


The game is not a steady progression. There are lots of plateaus that you reach that you then have to suffer through before you can advance further in the game to the next plateau. Players stuck at the plateau stagnate and blame the game.

I’m at a plateau myself. I’ve maxed who i can and I need more mats to progress further,


and @TGW

I will try to Show how it worked out for me.

My 5 first 4* heroes were Kiril, Chao, Tiburtus, Little John and Boril.

I was stuck with them for quite some time so I developed the following startegy.

I exclusively attacked red tanks , AoE heroes were a plus, Riposte hero were a no go, stuppid positioning and color choice of heroes were a plus. :smile:

So yes I spent some food on rerolls but all in all it worked quite well.

Look at what you have. Look what your opponents have and make the best of it.

If you are very unlucky and have 0 synergy with your 4* heroes emblem up some 3*'s and fill the gaps.

Good luck with your further summonings.