Raids Suck

Raiding isn’t just for cups… other prizes. However, the system is inconsistent towards players. I have counted gems for mania and wow can they be way off. Most recently no matter what sequence of heros. The gems will only allow 3 set match one at a time. It take 24 gems all together to finally mania up. What is the result? Looser… it doesn’t matter on the power ranking of the opponent either. The colors will be one to two sided… always hitting two or three hero’s of your opponent… result… looser again. I’m just waiting to see the wars do the same thing. A lot of people have been voicing their displeasure on how raids have changed, and nothing happens except contradicting remarks. I don’t mind loosing… just make it fair.

Well, raids haven’t “changed,” so it’s not surprising that you hear people contradicting when someone suggest they have.

The number of tiles (or gems) required to charge up a hero’s special on offense is based on the mana speed of the hero:

Very fast: 6.5 tiles
Fast: 8 tiles
Average: 10 tiles
Slow: 12 tiles
Very Slow: 14 tiles

There is no hero who requires 24 tiles to fill their mana.


You can contradict all you want. System is not consistent nor does it follow your statement! Oh, you can “quote” me on it too…

Show us the data you’ve gathered, please. :slight_smile: I’m interested to see verification of this statement that we can quote you on. (I can review lots of data that contradicts your statement, as collected and posted by others on this very forum.)

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Perhaps very slow is 13.5 tiles. I’m pretty sure he means that he has limited choices of moves, the colors matched are spread out, and so it takes 8 turns to fire up a special. Still, nothing to see hear. We’ve all had those boards with the first few moves forced before it shuffles. Doesn’t get worse than that.

Must have been an awfully long time ago, then. Because here’s a post of you complaining about the raid engine from last May:

And another one of you complaining about tile matches from last July:


raids are fine. if there is something I would change about it, it is two things about your opponent selection:

  1. narrow down the cup range. +/- 300 is too much. there are hundreds of thousands of active players alone in this game. I am sure with narrower range there are still plenty of opponents.
  2. right now, opponent selection is heavily biased towards stronger opponents. when I reroll, sometimes I get up to 10 opponents in a row with more cups than me before I get one with fewer cups. change that - make it equal, or at least 1:2 or 1:3 on average ratio.
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Raids have gotten better for me since reading this thread. :slight_smile:

For quite some time, I had a specific team I always used for raids, simply because they were my most powerful characters. I found myself thinking: “Why bring a 4* that is only 3-60 when I have these other 4* heroes that are maxed, or near maxed?”

But then, I just tried something different: Instead of just clicking Revenge and attacking immediately with my preset “best raid team” - I changed it up. I looked at the enemy defense, and I looked at my heroes, I looked at what stacking options I had, and I decided to just TRY different teams, even if they seemed weaker.

The result? I’m winning more. WAY more. My “best” team power is 3506. I just used a team in the 3200-range that had my 4-67 Guardian Jackal, 3-60 Chao, and 3-50 Melia and I beat a 4100-power team on the second revenge attempt. CRAZY! With my old mindset, I never would’ve brought a 3* to that fight, but… it worked! :smiley:

So I guess the lesson here is: learn your heroes, learn the enemy heroes, apply some intelligence, adapt, and you can succeed at raids even with a seemingly ridiculous mismatch.

Good gaming!


Can I clone you? You’re doing everything right. I’m really glad it’s working out so well for you! :grinning:




I just fought a 3800+ team with Aegir tank, Mother North and other bad dudes. I used this team for no particular reason, it was just 3700+ and I figured I’d lose anyway.

I won!,


Why was the games hacked my play when my attacked time to fill mana bar very quickly (to use all special ability every 2 or 3 turn) but very slowly quickly for my hero (never used special ability untile dead (5-6 combo attacked).


I don’t enjoy the Raids either, they are very un fair, I only do them to get the meager chest
How is it that an opponent that is 500 points weaker in team strength, or approximately 20% weaker, get a better loot, and wins 3 times in a row?? it’s bull ■■■■

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I am probably one of the people you dislike, or do not understand. I raid a lot. I love to raid. I run teams with synergy and have abilities to combat those I face. I like to challenge myself. You can turn a bad board into something workable more times then not. It takes practice. A lot of practice. When I lose, I try again, with a different team to see how other heroes may have succeeded. I also lose all my gain if not more over night.

Here is an example of my raid team and who I defeated.



I gained 47 cups with this raid. My own defense team does not stand a chance. I tank Zeline…yes, Zeline at 4/12. She is a crappy tank. But, she is the best of what I’ve got. On the bright side, I never run out of people to revenge!!


Shouldn’t take that much planning to beat a team 500 points beneath yours. If that’s the case why have points at all? Just put people into raids and say ■■■■ it, widget wins, wins. Cup levels are useless, there is no guarantee of a win at any point level difference, it’s all RNG on the tiles and trusts an end of it.

I realize that you are fairly annoyed now (especially from your other thread) but here’s a really short word of advice. Raiding has RNG in it yes, and you can’t win them all, but you can definitely learn to do it more effectively.

The question is why raid 500 points below? Raid up, friend :slight_smile:

I absolutely recommend checking out this here:

I personally raid as 2-2-1 not 3-2, because I’m a chicken, and I want to build the same sorts of teams I use in alliance wars, but you can try different setups until you find the one YOU enjoy.

Just forget about the cups in the meantime.

I appreciate you being super positive and trying to help but here’s the thing, after so many raids and so many battles you can see patterns emerge even if you’re dense, which I’m not. Your suggestion is raid higher. I don’t get more than one group off matching roles at a time, these are your troop attacks, and I match tiles and fire troops, one set of troops, then the enemy team attacks four times, I attack once or twice, the enemy attacks four or five times, wash, rinse repeat. You can’t win games like this. You did little damage, you gain no mana, you die. And to fix this problem your suggestion is to raid higher which means highest level toons to battle, more developed toons, and you doing even less savage because of those factors. I fail to see how this is a sound strategy. I’m really glad the game is working for you, your RNG luck is great, but there are a lot of us here not having the same experience and for us the game is quickly losing its lustre. Something can be done, lighten up the restrictions on the RNG so it generates more matching tiles, more higher level characters or, and thus is a novel idea, track what people are paying to play and throw them a ■■■■■■■ bone once in a while so they keep playing and keep paying. That’s Business 101. Until that happens, not one more cent from me. People have had this complaint about the game for a long time and SG doesn’t seem to care, so let’s hit them where they’ll hear it and stop paying them until they even things up some. That is often times the only feedback companies listen to, the wallet feedback.

Apologies if you thought I was being disingenuous or otherwise diminishing your experience. Raiding is clearly a contentious issue as a lot of people routinely express frustration with it. Some people even purposely drop cups in order to be able to fill their raid chest with little effort. But there are tricks that make raiding at your true level easier.

I don’t know what heroes you have to work with, and which arena you raid in either, so my teasing remark about raiding up was unfair. But that’s how it is for me. I’m using 3700-3900 team comps in diamond, so I am forced to raid up most of the time. When I first dipped my toes in I was feeling out of my depth and finding my raid chest to be a massive chore and feeling demoralised. But basically if you stack e.g. 2 strong vs tank colour, two neutral and another colour healer/buffer you’re good to go, even with a team mostly of 4*s versus 5s. I still lose plenty but a lot less than before and I’m able to stay in diamond and fill my chest without too much stress.

That’s actually why I suggested the video series because it’s very informative about picking and choosing the right heroes for the job. Trying to stack the right colours, have a pulverizer, a healer, a dispel/utility/buffer and find space for something that does damage. It’s hard if you don’t yet have a bunch of heroes to choose from and you have to make do. Stacking can still work then, even if it’s not the perfect counter colours you’d prefer to have.

The power gap may be harder depending on the heroes in question, and also the troops. High level troops are sort of a sneaky difficulty mod. I rarely check them (and I stopped looking at TP altogether, because it’s basically always higher than mine), but I certainly notice when I meet big ones. Ouch.

Anyway, you may not even be interested discussing it further, but if you do, there are loads of people here who can give great advice. Or it may be that you just don’t like it, and that’s your business. But if you’re interested in seeing how F2P players raid in the top end, Brobb is a good example.

Wish you the best, whatever you do. it’s a game and it should be fun.

Edit: forgot to say people in bronze/silver are also forced to raid up a lot due to the cup range, and that is pretty brutal when you don’t have a lot of hero choices or spare ham to reroll. It sucked horribly when I was there, and my son had a similar experience when he started raiding with a 2/3* team and encountered some of the beastly teams that somehow end up down there. He actually stopped playing because he said that it wasn’t fun enough to merit his digital entertainment time budget.


Thank you for linking this. When you only have one team to work with, Raids are exceptionally frustrating.

The only thing I don’t get about the Raids is when I have a 3700 team and I take on a 3300 team that has lower level everything (heroes, troops, levels etc)… and they destroy my team even before I get one special off regardless of how I try to set up things or strategize. BUT then I’ll randomly face off against a 4100+ team with my 3700, my team manages to obliterate them way too easily and I shouldn’t be able to do that. It just seems so inconstant and skewed.

FYI, I basically have one team I can raid with. I don’t have much of a bench leveled up yet (though I’m working on it).


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