Raids Suck

Raid sucks period. In future when teams have a defensive rainbow team of fully ascended emblems, it will make raiding much harder.
Emblem system is a POS period, adding on top of a shitty raid system which only works well when stacking color.

Exactly. When you are up against raid defense teams of high cup values and/or high defensive team power, the only way to win these raids is getting a lucky board draw on a color stacked offense.

Not at all. You can successfully win 90%+ of raids using a rainbow team. Guin tanks are the only exception where stacking or lucky boards are required.


Another anecdotal experience today.
Manager to get to their last hero a healer sabrina tucked in the left side.
I had left a red and blue Sonya.
I lost. That’s right a healer managed to win against sumitomo and sonya 4 ascended…
First of all the few red gems that i got i managed to hit sabrina two times and the gems were off target. But she just happily healed and with three of four shots killed the red. As for the blue i got ZERO blue gems for about ten rounds which was what took to get killed.

I’m not lying. Zero blue gems on the board. I tried to clear gems without hitting sabrina but while i get zero hits the game every two or tnree turns gets its shot.

The raid games need to be changed and the computer needsto use the gems on the board like the human player does. Its the only way to make it fair.

Losing to a healer. This game makes me feel stupid sometimes.

You already have all the advantages, what more do you need?

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I can see why people quit playing this stupid game! I just lost 6 times in a row during raids to people with weaker characters and weaker troops and this is after getting help with my raid team. The game chooses who is going to win and its not fair!
With this team, I just lost 3 times to a team with no players over 3 stars and troops under 3 stars. I literally watched Bane hit a character that was almost dead and just refills energy and it did NO damage at all! So someone tell me again this game doesn’t cheat!

If you’re having issues like that, try recording a few games, then post them in the bugs section. I think you’ll get more help than just posting here with a screenshot of your team.


How do I record raids?

Do you have Android or iPhone?

Du recorder. Quite user friendly

Since we don’t know what kind of mobile device you play on, I’d google something along the lines of, “iPhone Screen Capture Video”. Obviously, if you don’t have an iPhone, replace that with whatever device you have.

Ok, seriously, need to do some improvements to raids. I am gonna start recording this bulls%$t and showing you all just how bad raids are. I just did 2 battles and they all fired and I had half mana on 2 of my heros and that’s it. Got no kills on both and had 1 run to which one hero, by all rights, with a sliver of power left, should have been dead after flurry.

I think should make raids a category per level of person. 200 above or below for example on teampower. But raiding is more and more becoming bs.

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Cool! I’ll watch them with you, and we can swear expletives together and see how awful the boards really are! I really will watch them, and if you are open to suggestion, then we can see how to better play the board…or really it was a $%%#W# board. I find that other people can see my mistakes much more readily than I can.


Ok, another bullsh$t attack and no heros killed. And I recorded it but now cant get it on here. Says file not authorized.

@zephyr1 help! Computer stuff!

I don’t think you can uploaded videos to the forum…most people do a link to a YouTube video to the best of my knowledge.

The max size for a picture is approx 4.5Mb so be surprised if a video of several hundred Mb is allowed


This game doesn’t cheat.


Yep, this.

The Forum doesn’t support video uploads, but it will show an in-line video player for videos hosted on YouTube.

So the easiest process is to upload the video to YouTube, and then paste the URL for the video on a line by itself.

That’ll give you something like this:


“My darling I… can’t get enough of your gloves, baby”


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So much better than the ear worm @Garanwyn gave me yesterday!

All my likes!

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