Raids Suck


Small giant, listen up. There are tons of us that play this game for the PvPO aspect which is raiding but it is so haphazard that its just about useless. Sure there are strategies that can leverage it somewhat as others here have stated, but overall it comes down to the RNG giving you stone layouts. I spend hundreds of thousands in food to try and find more closely matched opponents but to no avail. I can be evenly matched or 300 team power above the other player and lose to BS stacks of stones that you can’t make **** out of to get any combos. No combos=death. Every time. It shouldn’t be this random. I understand that you win some and lose some, but you can hover up and down in cups not matter what you do because you go after a team that is close to your power level and you get spanked. It’s crap. Find a better way to even things up so if you DO have a strategy that is better than the opponent, you have a chance to win. It shouldn’t be all blind luck and right now it is. You guys obviously want people to pay to play and I don’t mind doing that, not at all. But I’m sure as **** not paying to lose 7/10 matches. I may as well just play for free then. I don’t expect to win every time, not by a long shot, but if you haven’t played your game recently you owe us that much. Get a mid 2500 team and randomly try to win raids and see what we’re all on about. It is enough to make people pull the p[lug and go to another app. Oh wait, they are. I’ve only been here for about 2 months now, but I’m down to 30 days or so remaining, if this doesn;t change, I’m out. Don’t know if you care or not, but surely hope you do. Read through these posts and all the other raid chats/threads/sites out there talking about them, raids are broken guys. Please address it.


You know that that the advanced players win 5+ out of 6 aids on average.

This seems to indicate that not the raid system but your hero rooster and maybe raidskill could use some improvement.

Wish you best of luck.


If youre losing 7 out of 10 raids, its not the boards fault. Its your planning and team set up. There is no reason to lose that many matches with the right teams. Im not sure what you want to be done either. I dont find the system to be broken personally at all. I cant remember the last time i lost 7 out of 10 raids. You are ALWAYS going to lose a match here or there but i never had a problem winning way more matches than losing at the 2500 cup range.


I hear you both and understand it may be working for you. What I’m saying is I’ve done tons of research, adjusted my teams, tried a ton of different strategies and the balance of wins/losses isn’t even. Here’s an example: This morning I played and my team is at 2572 TP, the oppopnent was 2291. I lost in 8 turns with the opponent having 3 heroes remaining alive. I did a ‘Rematch’ and beat him in 2 turns without losing a single hero. No hero change, no strategy change. It was simply because I got 6 combos straight out of the box and mana came on fast for all my heroes. That is a HUGE difference, one you can’t mitigate. The point I was trying to make in my first post is that the gap shouldn’t be that wide. You should be able to narrow the gap through intelligent strategy and team makeup, which is why I partially agree with both of you. I can understand (and would welcome) a close match where I have one hero left and win or lose, but to go from losing to a straight out rout without changing a thing means the system does have some opportunities.


Welll….you are playing a match 3 combat system. What do you expect ?

Of course there will be outliers where you win or loose without much you can do.

The art of the game is to keep this outliers on the low end ( loosing ) to a minimum.


Hang in there! Raids are really hard when you don’t have many choices for heroes on offense. At 2500ish TP on your defense team, I suspect your roster is still pretty thin and full of partially-leveled heroes.

You’ll find that as your roster strengthens, the problems you’re experiencing will go away. Color stacking, and selecting offensive heroes to counter the specials of the defense, take a large chunk of the “luck” out of the equation.

Once you can really tailor your attack teams, you’ll find that opponents 300-500 TP above you are regularly beatable, even with only so-so boards.

You’ll still get awful boards that you can’t win with, and you’ll still get amazing boards that require no effort. The bad boards suck, especially when they come in clumps. I wrote a thread about it here.

But in general, even the marginal boards become winnable with good team selection and smart tile play.


This is really helpful and a great reply, thank you so much. That makes total sense as far as the mechanics go and your explanation of reducing the luck factor makes sense as well. I’ll keep after it and try applying these ideas.


@Garanwyn is 100% correct. It will get much better once you have a fuller roster.


I hate to stir the pot but i think someone should revamp the raid percentages. I have seen alot of people make comment to this in global and in the forum as i have been reading. I have just gone 12 raids with oonly wins. And have been trying to do a raid chest since the first of the 12 and only have 24 killed heros. Afew of these were against lower teams and 3 were against the same lower team of over 100 difference. Can some respectfully check into this its making me tired of raiding in general and cause the game to lose its enjoyment.

Thank you


i know right, this is the most frustrating thing into the game for me. you got to spend lot of time digging and playing to find the luck and then your raids are like really suck. its ok to happen one or 2, but like i do it ten times in a row and it’s still that bad. this is way difficult than i anticipated


@WANTEDRENEGADE and @killerbee123

I remember when I started out with raiding I had similar feelings and didnt like it very much.

But there was this stupid chest and I wanted to fill it so I started raiding anyway.

At first it was really a drag until I decided that my goal at the moment was to fill the chest and winning and loosing didnt matter. Only killed heroes were important.

Time passed and I got my first fully leveled 3* team including Prisca with a her special at 5 ( :unamused: ) and no healer. Luckyly I had Gunnar.

I started to win some raids but still lost a lot more than I won.

Then my first 4* ( Kiril ) showed up.
Suddenly I had a great healer and a usefull tank. My performance improved time passed.

I remember my first 5 4* heroes very clearly.

Kiril, Chao, Little John, Tiburtus and last came Boril.
I had to work with these 5 for a long time and this made me a specialist for Boldtusk tanks. :smile:

I just loved them. I had to double against red and he was a healer so his special didnt do much directely against me and I could throw all the useless tiles against him.

During this time a read a couple of raiding guides and from then on I never looked back.

Although I have no maxed 5* after 10 month of play I have a good dozen of usefull 4* and I love raiding now.
My winning% is 80+ % which is a lot of fun and fills the chest quite fast.

I am creeping closer to diamond league now ( Opening from time to time a chest there ) and hope that the 2 5* ( Quintus and Isarnia ) will make the difference.

So hang in there, improve your play and enjoy the ride.

Better times are ahead waiting for you. :smile:

Wishing you best of luck.



For the record, im not new. I have been playing since last year. 6 months give or take. I have a raid streak of 59. Since the 19.0 update atleast, raids have gotten stupid.


Whats the problem with the update ?
I noticed no change.


Could you elaborate a bit please? How exactly have raids gotten stupid, or suffered any changes for that matter, for I see none… 59 is a pretty high raid streak number, attainable even without cup dropping, during the early stages of the game. You have more than I, but we are in a similar range. What’s your favorite raid strategy? Rainbow? Heavy stacking? Mono? Some combination of those? Do you choose your attack team based on your enemy or the other way around, your enemy based on your favorite strike team? Do you take revenge runs? And how many raid wins do you have? Lots of question :grinning: Maybe you could answer some by posting a pic of your profile…


I can’t answer for wantedrenegade up there, but raids started getting “stupid” for me when I got into low diamond. Guinevere, GM, Zeline and cageybuyrritos everywhere, that’s cool. I need to learn how to deal with them. But lovely people waffling on me to shed cups, come on. I logged out for 2 hours and came back to +cups. My 3.8k defense is not that good!

So I’m trying to fill my own raid chest. Surprise surprise, my matchups are crazy bananas. I want to practice and get better for war, but please people… stop throwing your cups, it’s annoying.


Hmmm… interesting point… I don’t have a 3800 defense but I hit low diamond once in a while… as soon as I log out, they all are on me like I’m made out of gold or something… I log back in a few hours later, I’m like

Where might those cup droppers you are talking about might have been around that time?


I’m sorry, they spent all morning giving me cups and now they’re back to business as usual!

Look, I’m sure it’s not like this all the time, I’m just finding it irksome and having a whinge. I want to get my raids done, but one day my revenge raids are full of teams with level 1 heroes and no cups, next day I have owners of guin and 4k+ defs throwing multiple flags at me. I do not for one second second believe it wasn’t intentional.

I mean it’s ok, cups aren’t used for anything meaningful but my raiding experience is… stupid :wink:

Edit: I came here this morning to whinge because the silly cup throwers bumped me up enough this morning to roll uclapack, and yes I wasted good food on a reroll. I’d like to have a chance to raid up there when I have earned it, not when I’ve been artificially inflated.


Sorry your raiding experience isn’t to your liking. I really enjoy raiding, I think is the best part of this game, and I think the system is bullet proof and needs no changes. :grinning::grinning::grinning: By the way, I’d give 100 gems to get to test my 4*'s in three rounds against Uclapack :grinning::grinning::grinning: Actually, whenever I get high enough I re-roll hundreds of thousands hams to get a chance at some sacred monsters :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I have been having fun dancing around some of these legendary teams too, but I draw the line at a yunan tank. I’d be bringing wilbur/BT and a 3-60 gravy. It’s not gonna fly.

But yes, raiding is great fun when it works, I am happy to try out my 4’s versus the big kids, it’s just the cup system that seems to not work as well as it should. Personal opinion of course, I’m happy that it works for you :slight_smile:


Just minutes ago I opened the chest just a few cups above 2400… I went surfing the forum for a few minutes and this is my current watchtower…