Raids Suck

Great reply. However I’m guessing the disappearing hero was one that had been upgraded to revive with emblems.

Raids to me are “Meh.”.

I mainly do revenges just to fill the occasional heroes chest.

I used to stress out when I lost my cups. But what do cups really mean?? :thinking:

To me, not much… so I stopped stressing! :sweat_smile:

And I found revenges to be fun, expecially when I beat teams way higher powered than me. :smiling_imp:

I’m also trying to learn. Even in a loss, you can learn!

A change in attitude and perspective really helps with this part of the game.

Enough cups also means recruits farming and a better chest’s tier :slight_smile:

I started to do raids and I have to say it pisses me off.
Not that the enemy has a much better team, or that my team is weak, I usually try to pick teams of equal value but ■■■■ the game tilts the game agains like crazy.
By that I mean getting gem combos becomes extremely hard.

The last 10 games I played I lost 8 because I could not get combos to do proper damage and fill mana in the meantime the enemy at each turn gets its fill without sweat.
In a couple games I could not even use the special skill because my team would be crushed with the enemy special skills.

Anyway just needed to vent.

Dont choose your opponent according to TP.

First check the tank and look how bad his special is.
( Example: Perfect Riposte is hard to beat if you dont have heroes with dispell ability. )

Double up 2 heroes of the strong color against the tank and omit the weak color.
Check if you have the means to counter opponents specials and then if you think you should make it attack.

Good luck.

When I started raiding my Goal at first was to kill as many heroes as possible to fill my chest and after learning a lot I started to win Raids. :smile:

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Expanding on @Elayanith’s great suggestions, if you’re new to raiding, here are some guides that you may find very helpful:

These are great tips but my rant was more about getting bad boards. You can have the best team but if you can’t get combos out of the gems you have no chance no matter what you do.
And playing raids that’s exactly what I’m dealing with. When i can get combos that fill my team Mana in two three turns i can fight.

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You’re going to get a lot of difficult boards when you color stack, just because of how random draws of tiles work:

I agree that if you never get tiles of the right color, you’ll always lose. But you should definitely be able to survive the vast majority of your fights where your mana bar doesn’t get filled in the first 3 turns.

Just had the perfect example. Rematched the same team. The first play got an absolute crappy board. By the fifth turn the enemy heroes used their special skils and in the process eliminated three of my heroes. Gave up at that point because the other two were below half health and about half way Mana. Absolute call.
Rematch, started off with a diamond hit and in less than ten turns finished the game without losing one single hero.
Yeah the board generation is not random at all imo.
As result I’m not going to bother playing raids anymore.

The board generator very much is random. I’ve personally collected data over 550 raids, every one of which I color stacked in. The results match the theoretically random distribution very, very well.

Here’s a picture of measured vs theory:

And here’s the data, in case you want to analyze it for yourself and test what I’m saying. There’s no pattern on first match vs rematch, no color preference, no bias of any kind really.


? As far as I know you can’t use items in raids ?

Why was my lose in raid battle when the game in

I don’t usually play raids because i find it biased to the attacked and i usually end up losing allot of games so i kinda have up on it and just leave it for the watch tower raid game to do its thing.
Up until last week it was working great slowly but surely got my raid points to 1400 then for some reason it seems it can’t win anymore.
Heres the results for the past three days starting from the most recent
6 losses, 2 wins, 6 losses, 2 wins, 4 losses,1 win, 3 losses.
I checked the other players and none of them are far off from my team number and quite a few have lower score than my team.
Looking after the 3rd day theres wins and losses but overall more wins than losses.
So in the past three days the game nerfed the progres that took several weeks to get.
So from a decent score of 1400 points is down to 1100. From gold down to silver.
Yeah raids suck.

Actually, raids are pretty much entirely in the favor of the attacker.

Maybe you can make videos of your raids so some tips could be given.

Don’t give up! At lower levels, because you often don’t have much roster choice, raids can feel pretty hard as an attacker. As your roster expands and you can tailor an attack team to the defense, raids swing very strongly in the attacker’s favor.

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So decided to play 6 rounds this time to see if indeed the attacker has an advantage… 5 losses and one win… raid score dropped over 100 points.
Simply cant win with crappy boards against teams of similar value.
I give up on raids, not going to bother with them anymore until SG balances the current system. The game has always an advantage as their attacks are always on schedule regardless of what kind of crappy moves in the board a player gets and since a few versions I have noticed that the game focus the attacks into the same hero. Its not unual that after 3-4 turns an hero is wiped out even before I can max out one my heroes.

Can you upload a picture of a typical defense you’re attacking, and the offensive team you’re using to attack them? There are a lot of really good players around the forum who could give you some advice.

The computer does definitely target the same attacker with hits. But that’s absolutely possible to deal with. If you look at the videos in the Fighting Familiar Names thread, you’ll see a lot of good examples of how to work the boards on offense.

Starting at this post, and going down the thread, there are a lot of videos:

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Just keep growing, don’t give up, keep learning as you can see from the screen shot that was in Nov2018.


Chaotic A. Is always in the top 100, with AI matching, it is possibe to raid against some of the best player in the me it’s like lining up against the best runner in the world for a chance to compete and win. Sometimes you win sometimes not.

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I do.
I was investigated that the cheated by games.
Exsample, the normal attack red enermy by blue hero but not build the damage to enermy, the other case the red enermy attacked the blue hero that was builded the high damage to overthan 300%.

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