Raids should be more evenly matched

I read the article and there was no new information in it that I wasn’t already aware of but thank you for your attempt to help anyway. When picking an opponent to battle, I take all of those strategies into consideration and reroll accordingly. However, my issue is with the rate in which an opponent gains Mana. I can have exactly the same toon as my opponent in all respects and avoid hitting them every possible way and they’ll still hit me with their special attack 3 times before I even hit them once with mine even when I only match that color in the puzzle. It’s even more frustrating when the person is much lower in level and power than I am and I have Rigard and Boldtusk on my team.

I am a solid level 27 player with 4* heroes and currently i am raiding with 2050+ trophies. So if you learn your match ups and what fights to pick and what not you can move up the raiding system. I easily defeat players that are much higher then me on a regular basis and I don’t see how you can balance it out much more then it already is.

This game is all based on patience. I would recommend getting a somewhat of a round field of 4s before jumping into the 5s if you are struggling to stay in the diamond range.

Response to @Jauntyjess

  1. Matches are currently 300 pts of each other so that wouldn’t change much as people fluctuate super easy.
  2. Re-roll charged is based on your SH x 10 so if your still leveling you can still mitigate the damages here or just level up your farms.

I would rather prefer to see levels closer together rather then trophies but then a person could argue that P2P will take a major advantage in this. As I have seen on my own threads the F2P is determined on keeping this leveled.

Anyone know why the tower shows you the defense team that raided you instead of the actual team of heroes that raided you? That seems illogical. Seeing the heroes that raided you and beat you would help you determine your weaknesses of your defense team so that you can improve it. This change seems like an easy one that requires little development.

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It shows the defense team because that is what you said face on revenge. But it really would be nice to see what offense beat your team. This has been suggested frequently.

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My only complaint is having to use hams to reroll. I’ve faced many that have way higher TP and won. I have a 3200TP team and frequently take down 4K teams. This is strategy on facing such opponents. As the attacker, you have the advantage on what heros you take to fight with. You have an advantage in the game if you are in an alliance starting out because you learn you need more than just 5 heros and more than 1 of each color troop. You start building a bench that you can use to stack against your opponent. There’s no need to be upset when you lose a match that you should win due to a bad board. It happens and will always happen in any match game using random boards. Adapt and learn new ways to take out higher TP opponents.

The raid system is totally rigged in favor of defenders. When you reach a certain level it is almost impossible to beat higher ranked players and 8 out of 10 times you lose to lower ranked ones. I am probably using it once a week, it is such a waste of time. Don’t have to anyways since I win 8 out of 10 when attacked. Never seen such a useless, not thought through feature in a game.

im in the same boat
i keep going from 1750 cups when i wake up i go down to about 1600 ish cups i win a few but loose more than i win im working hard on upping my tropps i then got to fight hard to get my cups back rely sucks also
if they raid me and i win i want the option to raid them back this bit sucks big time think of a battle if you attacked my castle lost almost all your troops i should be able to go out and clean you up come on lets make this even for pvp ps sorry if i raid you :smiley:

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