Raids should be more evenly matched

This is one of the first things I noticed in this game…raids are so unbalanced! I have a team power of 1500 I’m regularly getting matched against teams with 2200+ power. Just spent 18k in hams to get an opponent that was 200 above me…I should’ve just taken the loses for how long it will take me to produce that many hams again…frustrating! It seems like the devs do this intentionally to get players to burn resources so we’ll spend money replacing them…fell into that trap on OO. :frowning:


From what I remember, first 2-4 weeks was terrible for raiding. you need to get to a certain power level before raiding can actually work for you (something around a max 3* team). don’t worry about winning thropies for now, only raid to do the hero chest, don’t worry if you loss.

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Thank you, I’ll remember that next time I’m mad about getting matched against a 2400 power team so I don’t waste hams! Need to save those to level my hero’s and mines!

Im thinking of real time pvp with a option to add bet to the battle for example you can bet mystic rings vs mystic orb or something like this.

Hello. Regarding Trophies, I don’t understand what your statement, “…the resources in others towers helps when you’re struggling” means. My Trophy count just keeps going down, even when I Raid other players close to my Team’s strength! I’m continuously Raided by much stronger players too.
I check out ALL details about their Heroes and Troops before I Raid, which is very time consuming, and doesn’t really matter. I’m not a new player either, been over a year…

If you think raids are unfair watch this clip - YouTube

I was raided by this team and what you will see is my revenge knowing I was going to lose but to prove a point as this happens all too often.

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My statement was back in January. They have made A LOT of changes since then. I am glad that I started playing before the changes happened, because I really enjoy raiding. I don’t think that I would have given raiding a chance with the way things are now. Cups/trophies didn’t matter much back then, because the loot wasn’t tied into trophies. For me personally they don’t matter much now either. I am not one of the lucky people that get amazing loot each and everytime. IF I get a higher ascension items from missions once every two months I get super excited. The norm for me is once every three or four months. Even the elemental chests don’t drop higher ascension items for me. I really do enjoy the game and raiding and usually get my ascension items from rare quests and events. The game has changed since January and will probably keep changing. Don’t give up on raiding. It is just more energy to use and play a fun game.

I just watched the video you posted, and it looks like your opponent was definitely on the strong side (I’d guess they’re cup dropping since I’ve seen weaker teams with higher cups). Opponent aside, though, I also noticed some other things that you might be able to do to improve your raiding in general:

  • Try to level/ascend more attack-oriented heroes. I saw that you have Boldtusk and Grimm, which are two excellent heroes for raiding since they synergize well together.
  • Make sure to take time to study the board and make special tiles as often as you can. I noticed quite a few points where you missed opportunities to match 5 for a crystal (2:30 for purple, 2:41 for yellow, 3:00 for yellow).
  • Remember that ghosting (i.e. clearing tiles so that they don’t hit anything) charges your mana at double the normal rate without charging your opponents. Once you clear out the tank, make ghosting through the resulting gap a priority so that you can use your specials to defeat the rest.

I’ve been hearing a lot from both sides of the fence about the balance/imbalance of raid battles here. Those that are frustrated as heck and those that feel the raid issues are minimal.
I for one heavily lean towards the frustrated as heck side. I’ve studied the vids I’ve read the tips/tricks and team dynamics, and to be honestly truthful, all that means a heck of beans. I’m getting absolutely no where with these raids lately. When one has a battle that the cup rewards are far less than the loss (hence a lower skilled team) and STILL get destroyed, not just lose, but get totally destroyed!!!..HOUSTON,… WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
Words cannot describe the massive imbalance raids have. I don’t think a fix will help. Raids need to be totally re-written. You can only tune it so far but when patch in new variables on top of new variables of so called balancing… it’s time to scrap the mess created and start from scratch.


Need to make a note on your last tip about ghosting. True you get double the charge but the opponents do in fact get a charge too, even if none of the tiles hit anything. This is one of the major BS factors that are currently in raids.

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The opponents get a small amount of mana for specials every turn, regardless of your actions. Ghosting means you’re not adding anything more to their basic boost, but short of a mana control special like Hel or Proteus you can’t stop them from gaining something.

This ghosting works only to a point, I also get slaughtered many times by weaker far teams mostly because because they get a shots every turn and your not getting any tiles you need to fight back and by the time your mana is up and just as it is full they kill that hero off before you get a shot in.

@lexinen thanks for the feedback but that doesn’t change the fact that these far stronger teams should be turning up in the refill system against teams closer to their strengths as we ever hear is they cup dropped and this capability is what makes the whole system unfairly matched and why matching should be done according to team strengths and not cups.

I can get to 1800 cups fighting teams with around my own TP strengths but honestly what is the absolute point of even trying to get there when all you get back out of it is being attacked by teams far far stronger with no chances of defeating them and find yourself back to where you started. This isn’t about skill at all it’s all about power and control within the game by the game.

After having reached 1800 cups 3 times now and destroyed back down to 1500 over night each time has only lead me to give up on raids and now also understand why so many (after chating in the chat rooms) have given up on them as well. All these cups prove is how much of an ■■■ hole (politely speaking) these high cup teams are picking on much/fat weaker teams to get thier thrills and cups up which doesn’t involve any skill what so ever at all and in fact requires none.

Like everything else about this game, the more you play it the it takes the enjoyment out of it and replaces it with do it, frustration, disappointment and dispear because no matter what you do the system is designed to squash you down back to no thing.

Call me when raids are actually fairly matched, until then there noting more than acwaste of skilless time and effort.


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Yeah but they get that small charge even if you hit them, they get it every turn. But the autogain is pretty small, nost of the defenses mana comes from tile hits->ghosting prevents this.

I’m in the middle on raids. I will admit improvements are needed.
I tried an experiment once, I was raided 3 times while I was asleep. I didn’t get revenge I left it.
For 3 days I wasn’t raided once!
Then I got revenge and beat all 3 of my previous raiders. Excellent I thought .
Within 10 minutes of logging off I was raided by someone. It’s almost like the A.I forgets you are there lol.
Let’s face it raids are down to 2 major factors.

  1. Good board for a win.
  2. The A.I is an idiot! And we need to trust it with our team while we are away.

There seems to be coding in place which dictates where you should be trophy wise, I sit in the 2500, If I go to far into 2600 I’m raided afew times quite quickly to bring me back down, once in the 2500 I’m left alone, it’s very strange.

All I can say is for a game that boosts it has over a million players the raid selection is very short team wise as it’s either the same few that keep being rerolled or out of the so called million players there are only few within our cup range.

You would expect that within a million the chances of getting the same teams every day or two would be extremely slim to none.

As for the raids when I reach 1800 I’m instantly raided about 15 to 20 times within a 12hr period and when below that about 1 to 3 times in a 24hr period and sometimes not at all.

But the next question is why is it once you reach 1800 the only teams that attack you are all fully ascended 5* teams 800 to 1200 more in power than you are and when you reroll it’s the same thing never displaying teams lower than mine.

So based on that why is it I can’t reroll lower powered teams but yet all these so called cup droppers with far higher team powers reroll me a much much far weaker opponent.

None of these points can be considered randomness but more like preset coding factors to force players down.

This also means that (for example) gold level players are matched up with platinum level players.

For this game to fairly match there needs to be a level divided point which doesn’t allow (again an example) gold member to be matched against a platinum member and visa get.

If this system was hard set across the board for all games then matching may just become more equally manageable.

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I agree. Raiding used to be fun, and I would win about half the time, but now all matches are unwinnable. I loose to teams 400 points weaker than me. They whipe my team out before i’ve gained full mana on even one player. Really stupid nd frustrating. I really wish Small Giant would fix this

Responding to a topic been made in almost 1 year ago … wow History.

I agree, I’m@ lvl 17. They matched me up with a lvl 24 player. My trophies are @ 590, theirs are 971, my team power is at 2005, theirs is 2463. I don’t spend money to play, I play on merit alone so I don’t have all these expensive rare, epic and legendary heros that they have leveled to the max. I think its bull that they think that level and trophies don’t matter. YES IT DOES! I only have common and only one 4* hero. It is totally unfair I’m about to refuse to play another raid. I notice I only win when my power lvl is higher than theirs. I have NEVER won against a host power lvl…Ever!..So you see, I share your frustration:(

Is it really that freaking hard to back off the rate at which the opposing team recoups mana?!?! Seems like everyone here has the same complaint yet y’all can’t seem to figure out how to fix it after over a year?!?! There’s no reason why someone 3 levels below me and 300 less than me in power should be able to wipe out my entire team before I get 1 toon’s mana charged up enough to hit them even once!!! It’s ridiculous!!! And to require anyone to subject themselves to this torment daily in order to accquire items they have to have is complete madness!!! Either fix it or take it off the daily goals or completely out of the game until you can figure out how to get it right just like y’all did with the alliance wars!!! There’s plenty of other things that your players could be doing instead of dealing with this madness or being on here complaining about the same crap y’all have been aware of there being a problem with for over a year!!! Come on!!! Get it together guys!!!

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You are not the first who complain about being defeated by a “weaker” team. But in fact you missed important thing about heroes as strategies.

I’d strongly recommend you reading this topic: