Raids should be more evenly matched

Can you make raids more evenly matched most of time have no chance going against players that are 20 levels above me most of time

They’re working on it! Player level has little do to with it though, it’s all about the way the heroes work together and luck of the board.

Hope you’ll have better luck! :slight_smile:


Why do you stagger loses SO MUCH. Then make me lose? If i am set to win 14 or lose 47 in a raid. How does a less trained less powerful team win THREE TIMES in a row? Against me? For 121 trophies! If raids were 25 vs 25. Or some smaller number. And matched by any other measure. I wouldnt feel so cheated everytime i played raids. It seems ridiculous that raids are so undefined. Its worse than gambling. Cause i have no idea what factors to consider!


JHi DVs, I know you get a lot of venting about raids, and I agree with many of the complaints. Here are some suggestions for fixes: 1) keep matches within 200 points of each other; 2) reduce reroll charge (that would be super easy, no?); 3) tweak hero charging so that your heroes have a chance. It is not infrequent for the opposing team to have as many as 4 or all five have hit turns before a single hero charges-- and that does not even count special powers. It is super frustrating to make a move and watch several opposing heroes charge their special power far more than one’s own hero! 4) create a mechanism for partially charging heroes before entering a battle; 5) try to avoid matches where the player is hopelessly outmatched not just in terms of points, but hero quality even if not fully ascended. I realize our complaints sometimes seem like grumbles, but if the game is more fun, people play more and stay more. You can build a business model on attracting new spendy players, but word of mouth does travel…


I have to agree, I don’t appreciate having to spend 200k in food (that is also needed for various things) just to find a player that is in my range, instead of players who’s team rating is 300 to 2000 points higher than me

4 Likes This let’s you know they realize the problem and are working on it. There is many threads out there exactly like this one. There are a few threads with hints and tips to help when going up against a team that is way more over powered. My advice to you is don’t give up hope on the raids and keep at it, cups/trophies will come in time, the resources in others towers helps when you are struggling. If you lose a battle the only thing that goes down is your cups. I know that some alliances stress heavily on the cups, but if you don’t you will find it more enjoyable. Looking at it a different way helps, and seeing it as more energy to play the game that I like helped me get over the view of unfairness.

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I haven’t been really much into raiding in a long while. However I don’t think people realizes what they are asking for when they are asking for “evenly matched” raiding. You have the option to ‘REROLL’, if you believe a team is beyond your ability to take down. The idea of having options, to decide if you want to risk to gain big or reroll and go against weaker teams and risk loosing large number trophies.

I do think the raid system needs improvements, I would suggest to have three degrees of difficulties (Novice, Intermediate, Nightmare.) This way It’ll make it fun for everyone of all skill levels.


I am about to leave the game for this exact reason and I spend money. They could do so much more with this game. It defies logic that someone can lose 3 in a row to a team, and I have had the top players in my Alliance look at my setup, to a player that is 2 levels below you, 250 defense points below you, you know how and who to attack, but “the board” didn’t quite workout.


The board is random, and to be fair I have some attacks I just can’t win just like I have some titan boards that are going for 5k regardless of how well I do.

Those are statistically really rare, I maybe lose maybe 2% of my raids on that and probably less actually.

Without videos it’s really hard to suggest what can be improved, but even when I am sitting in the top 100 I still win more attacks than I lose, and attackers do have an advantage.

If we’re talking defense losses none of us have any idea what people hit us with, and many people have multiple teams. If you’re losing on attack then that’s where recording what you’re doing for feedback is clutch.

Also player level doesn’t matter at all, when I was in the top 100 (and even at #1 for a very very brief period of time) I was the second lowest levelled person on the leaderboard at 36 (was one person at 34). Level is just as irrelevant as cups when it comes to the outcome of the battle.


Thank you for the information and feedback.

I have only been playing for 30 days, so I have a ton to learn. I also
would bet that I made it to level 25 about as fast as any person that has
an actual life has been able to make it. The best part about the
development of this game is that it is not a constant money grab and people
can be competitive w/out going bankrupt. I do not have a clue how to record
a raid attack, but I’ll figure it out and hopefully get some feedback.

Thank you again for reaching out to me

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I suggest being able to watch a reply of the raid you lost. It’d be cool to see exactly wear you failed. You could implement time frame on the videos so if the players don’t view it within a certain time frame after defeat it becomes unavailable.

Most modern phones allow you to record video of the screen; easy to do that for your own raids for later analysis.

Raiding for newer players is terrible. It’s gets better once you get past a certain cup level too. At very low cup, you have some players that haven’t longed in for a long time

I’m generally curious but how does this happen?

When SG releases new versions many times the old ones become incompatible and you can’t raid across incompatible versions: they don’t even show in your target list.

I had sort of blithely assumed this essentially functioned as removing inactive people as a side benefit.

They do show in target list. You get an error message when you try to battle them. I believe 6 monthsbis where spg may disable inactive accounts

They show in the tower but if you try to raid them you get “this account is online” or whatever the exact message is.

If you reroll you don’t get anyone on the other version AFAIK, I did check that fairly extensively recently but not exhaustively.

I thought accounts might get disabled faster than that; we heard a date back when Apok passed, I’ll have to go looking for it but I thought it was much shorter than six months.

Concordo plenamente. As vezes jogamos com equipes mais poderosas e ganhamos e temos melhor pontuação. Outras vezes jogamos com equipes iguais ou inferiores e perdemos mais que ganhamos. Poderiam ver isso para que possamos jogar as investidas com mais determinação.

I agree, the raids need to be matched better. I spend too much food trying to find a fair match. Also, we need a better basis for losing trophies. It make sense that I should lose 40 trophies for losing to a lower lvl player but why do you charge me the same 40 trophies for losing to a higher lvl player? It discourages players from taking chances.


I call bs. I’ve lost 14 straight raids, mostly to lower players, because I can’t get a board worth a crap. Impossible to win when you go hit for hit and they get a hit from each hero each flip on top of their special attack. In the 14 loses I’ve had 5 hero’s get fully charged and three of them got knock out as soon as they got charged. This is truly BS!!! It’s to the point I’m going stop raids altogether because it’s not fun constantly getting your ■■■ kicked by inferior players because of BS raids system!..


I agree with this one finally. It seems as though enemy raid heros charge faster. Any other typ of attack and your own heros charge and a normal speed, but not in raid for some reason. I also agree that the boards in raids are way inferior for allowing good attack combos.