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This issue just started tonight. When I was doing revenge on a player and took out all but 2 of their heros and then every time I attacked I would lose health and they would not, I would actually kill myself from doing a attack. This happened to me on 3 different revenge that I did. Has anyone else experienced this?

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By chance did you fight a team with “riposte” characters such as Cyprian?

No I sure did not, why?

Just curious. I got my ■■■ kicked by it a few times and was what the ■■■■? So if no riposte, then I’d say glitch. Sorry I’m of nomore help than that.

I only looked at the most recent team it happened with since I can’t remember which teams it also happened with, but here is a screenshot of the team that was most recentScreenshot_2018-11-13-23-16-48

Kk. Looks like riposte is the culprit. Boril (the blue one) has perfect riposte. Deals 115% damage recieved for 5 turns when active. There might be others in there as well. I know Colen (red) doesn’t have that ability. Not sure of other 3. Don’t have them in my roster. If you “click” on said characters it will tell you their abilities. I will try to look the rest up to try to help you out.


Liana (green) and Chao (white) do not. Still trying to find the purple pirate.

I’m thinking Boril is your nemesis in at least the last fight.

Hope that helps you out.

Thanx I appreciate the help

Happy to do so. Enjoy the game.

As far as I remember, Boril, Cyprian, Elena, Boss Wolf after activated have that ability not only for them (like Obakan) but also for the two closest heroes. Any time you see a boomerang sign, do not hit the hero with your specials, just use the tiles. By the time the effect disappear, you can shoot with your heroes.

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Using @Sarapatel 's method along with using dispelling characters like Caedmon works even better in my opinion. Hate it when I’m stuck trying to avoid hitting the boomerangs, especially if I’ve fired Wu…

You got a point in there, but forgot that, sometimes, your buff remover is not loaded or take long to load. Meanwhile, do not hit the boomerang.

Yeah man… You’re definitely right there.

Very interesting and that’s good info

There is absolutely nothing balanced about the pop aspect of this game. It’s so imbalanced I am seriously considering not playing any more… this has become s pay to win scam of a ■■■■ game.

Really sad. Over the last 3 days I’ve tried numerous strategies detailed in this forum. Of about 15 attempted revenge against players anywhere from 200 less power to 400 higher power, I’ve won 2. The enemies special go off on average every other turn, and on occasions every turn starting with the first round. I have battled heroes same as my own, and watched their specials fire off twice for every one of mine for the same hero.

Based on this, I believe either something has gone very wrong with this game. Or worse… the dev’s has started jacking with stats to motivate more spend to accelerate advancement.

So which is I wonder. Ineptitude or greed.

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Yeah I have been having bad luck myself and have noticed the same things you talk about, then there is the issue if not being able to ascend 3 of my 4 star hero’s, I never get the items I need and it’s been almost 2 months, I do not look forward to 5 star hero’s since I’m sure it would be even harder to ascend them. I am quickly losing my taste for this game. Oh and even if I did want to buy the items I need I do not see them anywhere in the store but I wouldn’t purchase them anyway.

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